C4 : Monsoon 2013

Changing Chemistry in Changing Climate : Monsoon 2013

Travel to Pune

International Air Travel

Although Pune is having an international airport, not all the flights are directed to Pune. Most of the international flights in India either arrive at Mumbai (Bombay) or New Delhi airports. New Delhi is quite far from Pune. There are number of flights from New Delhi to Pune However we advice that you should choose "Mumbai" as the embankment /destination as Pune is very near to Mumbai and one can easily travel by road with in 3 hours. For the detailed information about Mumbai air port, see the link: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Commuting Mumbai (Bombay) -Pune -Mumbai

Mumbai-Pune road distance is about 170 kms. There are very limited direct flights from Mumbai domestic airport to Pune. These flights are either in the morning or in the evening. Since most of the international flights reaches after midnight, domestic flight connection is not suitable unless you plan to stay overnight in a hotel in Mumbai. Hence we advise you to travel by the arranged shuttle bus or taxi. Most buses, taxis and private cars from/to Mumbai using expressway. The approximate journey timing from Mumbai to Pune is 3 hours depending upon the traffic conditions. Those who wish the pick up facility from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (either domestic or international) chargeable taxi can be arranged by us which will cost around 80-100 US$. Alternatively most of the hotels, to which we have negotiated, can also arrange pick-up services. You can directly arrange this service while booking the accommodation. Those participants who will directly fly to Pune airport and wish to avail the pick up facility from Pune airport to their respective hotels, a shuttle service free of cost can be arranged for them. However for both facilities prior information with complete details of flight Number, Timings, and Date is required.

Domestic Air Travel

Pune is very well connected by air from most of the major Indian cities and all major airlines arrive at Pune. You can book in any airlines as per your convenience for best deal.

Air India
Go Airlines

Trains Travel (Mumbai to Pune or from the other cities of India)

Pune is very well connected by most of the Indian cities by train. Mumbai-Pune railway line is about 192 kms long. The distance from the Pune Railway Station to the IITM is around 10 kms. those who are arriving at Mumbai and wish to travel Mumbai to Pune by train require prior reservation. It would be difficult to get immediate reservation from Mumbai to Pune for outstation candidates who do not have prior reservation hence we recommend to travel by road.

To know more about the trains : Click Here

Traveling in Pune:

Autorikshaws and bus services are available from the Pune Railway Station. If you are new to Pune city, the most convenient way of traveling is by metered auto rickshaws.

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