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Important Scientific Achievements
 ·         Developed a cross-covariance retrieval method to estimate wind speed and direction from a laser scintillometer measurements (J. IETE,1994, Won 7th IITM Silver Jubilee award).
·         Passive sun photometric and for the first time high spectral resolution radiometric techniques and retrieval procedures were augmented at the Institute to complement the nighttime lidar-derived aerosol loadings (J. Aerosol Science, 1996, J. Instrument soc India, 1999; Won IMS Das Gupta Award).
·         Developed an iterative procedure to retrieve simultaneously aerosol size distribution and refractive index from bistatic lidar angular scattering measurements (J. Remote sens of Env., 1996).
·         Dust aerosol model was developed for Harmattan season over Sub-sahel using AERONET sun/skyradiometric data sets (J. Geophys. Res. 2002).
·         For the first time in the country, a SKYNET (Asian aerosol-radiation network) site established at Pune and using simultaneous aerosol and radiation measurements, an observational estimate of aerosol radiative forcing has been reported (Geophys Res. Lett, 2004).
·         Seasonal asymmetry in diurnal variation of aerosol loading over western India has been discovered from the diurnal departure percentage analysis and supported with MODIS Terra and Aqua satellite analysis (J. Geophys. Res, 2007).
·         Detailed radiative –transfer scheme was introduced in the ABL model and utilized LASPEX datasets to study the evolution of ABL and other turbulent fluxes for different aerosol absorption levels (Atmos Environ, 2008).
·         Dust aerosol radiative characteristics and its effect on radiation has been studied using a sun/skyradiometer over New Delhi for the dust episodes of year 2006. Higher aerosol induced atmospheric heating has been estimated due to elevated dust layers with pollution (J. Geophys Res., 2008).
 Grants received
 Principal Investigator
  • Aerosol optical characterization and investigation of aerosol radiative forcing at the surface and at the TOA (2002-2005), DST.
  • Lidar sounding of aerosols in the lower atmosphere and their impact on local climate and environment (2002-2006), DST. 
  •       Modeling of tropical aerosol radiative forcing using satellite, lidar and radiometric measurements (2003-2007), ISRO
Co-Principal Investigator
  • Multi-site characterization of tropical aerosol radiative forcing using measurements (2003-2007), ISRO.
  • Differential absorption lidar for remote sensing of ozone (2001-2004), DST
  • Aerosol radiative forcing studies at a tropical urban station Pune and high-altitude station, Sinhagad, (2008-2011), ISRO-ARFI  
 International collaborations
  • Collaboration with Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Maryland, USA on aerosol-radiation interactions. 
  • Collaboration with Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (CEReS) on surface radiation measurements under SKYNET, an Asian network for aerosol-radiation measurements.
 Academic Guidance provided to students
               M.Sc. – 2
                M.Tech – 3
                Ph.D. - 3 (presently working)
1. Chauhan, S.S., University of Pune, 2004, M.Sc. (Space Sci.), Study of aerosol size distributions retrieved from sky radiance data.
2. Seethala, C., University of Pune, 2006, M.Tech. (Atmos. Sci), Investigation   of atmospheric boundary layer characteristics for different aerosol absorptions: An observational and modeling approach.
3. Chirasree, Z., Wadia College, 2006, M.Sc. (Physics), Aerosols and their effect on UV-B radiation.
   4. Prachee, K., University of Pune, 2007, M.Tech (Atmos. Sci.),   Investigation of aerosol-cloud interactions using MODIS satellite data.
5. Dipu, S., Cochin University, 2007, M. Tech (Atmos. Sci.), Pre-monsoon aerosol characteristics over New Delhi: Implications to radiative forcing.
6.    Panicker, A.S., IITM/University of Pune, Ph.D. (Atmos. Sci.), Investigation of aerosol spectral radiative and cloud microphysical effects using ground and satellite remote sensing data (Since 2006-).
7.    Soni, V.K., University of Pune, Ph.D. (Atmos. Sci.), Study of longterm trends in radiation over India (Since 2006)
8.    Dipu, S., IITM/University of Pune, Ph.D. (Atmos Sci.) CSIR JRF (since 2008-)