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(1)     Invited Lectures 
§ A joint International IITM-ADPC Training Workshop on Synthesizing Observed Local Variability and Climate Extremes (SOLVE), India,March 2009
§ Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop, UNDP, Bangkok, June 2006
§ IITM-IRI Workshop , India, May 2003
§ Dept of Statistics, Pune University,India , Jan 2002
§ National Insurance Academy, Pune, India, Jun 2001, Jul 2002
§ Institute of Armament Technology, Pune., India , Oct 2000
§ Space Application Centre, Ahemadabad , India , Junl 2000
§ Indian Meteorological Society, Pune Chapter, India, Dec 1998, Dec 1999 
§ IITM/ IMD Workshop , India, Aug 1998
§ Traing course in Agrometeorological Data Monitoring and Management, IITM, India , Dec 1997
§ IV SERC School on Advanced Geophysical Fluid Dynamics , India, June 1997
(2)     Foreign Deputations
·         Visiting Scientist at Max Planck Institute of Meteorology, Hamburg Germany, 1Sep – 30 Nov 1994
·         First GKSS Spring School, Luneburg, Germany,20-27 Apr 1997              
    • Second GKSS School, Luneburg, Germany, 23-30 Sep 1998      
    • Nominated to participate in SAARC Seminar on “Climate Variability Over South Asian region and its Impacts”, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 10-12 Dec 2002            
    • Workshop on “Organization and Maintenance of Tropical Convection and the MJOs”, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 13-17 Mar 2006                               
    • Invited speaker at Disaster risk Reduction workshop of UNDP, Bangkok, Thailand, 26-28 June 2006                
    • 3rd WCRP Int Conf on Reanalysis Tokyo, Japan, 28Jan-1 Feb 2007             
    • UKIERI Workshop on “ Statistical Downscaling and        linking its applications Norwich, UK, 26Jan-31Jan          2009
         (3)     Honours
                   Member of the Editorial Board of “Meteorological Applications”, a Royal Met Soc   Journal,UK
         (4)     Capacity Building
·         Teaching in M Tech (Atmospheric and Space Science, Pune University) since 1999
·         “Adjunct Professor” of Dept of Physics, Pune University since 2000
·         Recognized Guide for Ph. D., Dept of Atmospheric and Space Science, Pune University 
·         Teaching in A Comprehensive Training in Atmospheric Sciences for Research Fellows, Research Associates and young scientists of the Institute, IITM, Pune, 2007, 2009
·         Actively involved in activities of the Academic Cell of the Institute
(5)     Sponsored Projects
  • “ENSO-Snow-Monsoon Interactions : understanding and predicting monsoon variability”, DST sponsored project, R H Kripalani and Ashwini Kulkarni (Co-PI), 2000-2003
  • “Examining Indian monsoon variability in Coupled Climate Model simulations and projections”, DST sponsored project, Ashwini Kulkarni (PI), S S Sabade and R H Kripalani, 2006-2009
  • “Weather Insurance with respect to rainfall”, sponsored by Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India, Prof Rajas Parchure (National Insurance academy, Pune), Ashwini Kulkarni (Statistical Expert) and G S Rao, 2004-2008
  • INDO-UK Phase II program “Development and Dissemination of High Resolution Climate Change Scenarios for India” Co-PI, 2008-2009
 (6)     Trainings attended
    • General Purpose Training, IITM, Jun-Oct 1989, 72%, Rank First
    • Advanced Refresher Course on Long Range Forecasting, IMD, Pune, Jun 1997
(7)     Scientific papers reviewed for :
                Journal of Climate, Climate Dynamics, International Journal of Climatology , Natural Hazards , Current Science ,Climate Research, Mausam , Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Asia Oceania Conference Proceedings, Meteorological Applications , Geophysical Research letters
(8)     Membership of Learned Societies
Life member of Indian Meteorological Society, Indian Statistical Association, Indian Women Scientist Association
(9)     Guidance provided
·         Mr Altaf Tamboli for M. Tech Project “Examining temperature variability under MPI-ECHAM5 model : Simulations and projections”Dept of Atmospheric and Space Science, Pune University, Pune, 2007
·         For Ph. D : 3 have registered