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Past events - 2009


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December 2009  

Honorable Minister Shri Prithvirajaji Chavan visited IITM

Honorable Minister for Earth Sciences, Shri Prithvirajaji Chavan and Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences visited the Institute on 23 December 2009. During his visit to newly developed HPC (High Power Computing) Building, the "Power On" ceremony for the HPC system took place.

Announcement of Refresher Course in Atmospheric Sciences

A two-week Refresher Course on ‘Frontiers in Atmospheric Sciences’ for college/university teachers and post-graduate students will be held at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pashan, Pune.

This Refresher course is sponsored by Indian  Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi and The National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad will be held at the Institute during 14 to 25 June 2010. For more information contact on email  Telephone: 020-25904283

 (Click here for the list of selected candidates and the candidates on waiting list.)

Last Date for Applying: 31 December 2009

(More details)


Training Programme on Dendroclimatology and Climate Change

On request from Indian Council of Forest Research and Education (ICFRE), Ministry of Forest and Environment, Deheradun, IITM  conducted a training programme on Dendroclimatology and Climate Change for forestry officers during 7-12 December 2009. (More Details)

Brain Storming Session

A one-day Brain Storming Session (BSS) on "Observational and Modeling Aspects of  Aerosol,Cloud and Climate" was organised at the Institute on 29 December 2009.

Hindi Workshop

A Hindi Workshop was conducted during 21 - 23 December 2009 in the Institute.


  • Prof. V.Chandrasekhar, Colorado State University, US visited IITM.  He delivered a seminar on 'Fundamentals and Applications of Dual-Polarization and Doppler Weather Radar' on 11 December 2009.
  • Dr. Kaushik Gopalan, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland, USA visited IITM.  He delivered a seminar on "Recent improvements to the TRMM Microwave Imager algorithms" on 18th December 2009.

 November 2009 

Prestigious Membership to Prof. B.N. Goswami by TWAS, Italy

Prof. B.N. Goswami, Director has been elected as a Fellow of TWAS, the academy of sciences for the developing world for his outstanding contribution to science and its promotion in the developing world. The induction ceremony will be held during autum 2010 in which newly elected members will be introduced.

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in IITM

The Institute is observing Vigilance Awareness Week during 3-7 November 2009.  On this occasion, employees of the Institute would take pledge on 3rd November 2009. An essay competition is arranged on 5th November 2009.

48th Foundation Day Celebration of the Institute

  • The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune  celebrated its 48th Foundation Day on 17th November 2009.  Dr. B.M. Reddy, INSA (Hon.) Scientist, NGRI, Hyderabad was the Chief Guest of the function and Prof. J.N. Goswami, Director, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad was the Guest of Honour.
  • In addition to the main function, the programme included presentation of awards and prizes to the eligible employees. The Annual Excellent Performance Award was presented to Shri V.R. Mali, Smt. A.A. Ursekar and Shri D.L. Rawade in Technical, Administrative and Non Technical Maintenance category respectively.
  • The IITM Annual 20th Silver Jubilee Award-2007 was presented to Smt. Rohini Bhalwankar and Dr. A.K. Kamra. The  Best Student Paper Award was presented to Shri Rajib Chattopadhyay and Anandu Vernekar Scholarship to a Girl Student of Economically Backward Employee of IITM was presented to Kum. Monica Jadhav, daughter of Shri S.M. Jadhav.
  • After presentation of mementos to dignitaries, Prof. J.N. Goswami delivered the Foundation Day Lecture on "Planetary Exploration - An India Perspective". Silver jubilee Award Lecture was delivered by Smt. Rohini Bhalwankar on her paper entitled "A wind tunnel investigation of the deformation of water drops in the vertical and horizontal electric fields" and the best student paper Award lecture was delivered by Shri Rajib Chattopadhyay on his paper entitled "Objective identification of Nonlinear Convectively coupled phases of monsoon intraseasonal oscillaiton: Implications for prediction".
  • On this occasion, Director presented mementos to the IITM employees who had completed 25 years of service. The function was concluded by a Cultural Programme in the evening.

 (See more Details)

October 2009 

Completion of the CAIPEEX (Cloud and Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment) Phase I Programme

Phase I of the CAIPEEX , a national multi-institutional observational programme lead by the IITM to focus on the science of the key uncertainities in aerosol distribution and rain formation processes started on 17th May 2009 and concluded on 30th September 2009. The observations were taken on 140 days and total number of flying hours were 220. Dr. J.R. Kulkarni is the Programme manager of this programme. On 29th October 2009, a one day workshop was arranged on Preliminary results of CAIPEEX Phase I.

Closing Ceremony of Phase I of CAIPEEX

Closing Ceremony of CAIPEEX Phase I was arranged at IITM, Pune on 29th October 2009. At this occassion Dr. Shailesh Nayak, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), New Delhi was the Chief Guest. He released the CAIPEEX data to the Indian scientific community.

September 2009


  • Dr. Krishna Achuta Rao, Associate Professor, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences,  IIT, Delhi visited the Institute. He delivered a lecture on "Ocean Heat Uptake and Thermosteric Sea-Level Rise"

Hindi Fortnight Celebration 2009 in the Institute

  • Hindi Fortnight Celebration in the Institute has been started on 14 September  and it will be upto 8 October 2009. During this period various compititions like Poem recitation, eassay writing, Antakshari,  noting and drafting, Administrative terminology, Kavi Sammelan will take place.

(More Details)

Inauguration of Incubation Centre of CCCR

An Incubation Centre for the Centre for Climate Change Research (CCCR) has been developed at IITM. Inauguration of this Incubation Centre of CCCR took place on the 23rd September 2009 at the hands of Prof. B.N. Goswami, Director, IITM.

August 2009

Inhouse Comprehensive Training in Atmospheric Science

The third batch of the Comprehensive Training in Atmospheric Science - First Phase (for the students of IITM - Research Fellows, Project Fellows etc. and newly joined employees) will start from 7th August 2009 and will be over in the second week of December 2009. This Training Course covers: (i)  Mathematics for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, (ii)  Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (iii)  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I (iv)  General Circulation and Climate  (v)  Computer Programming


MoES Award to IITM Scientist

The Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India,  awarded the Certificate of Merit for the year 2009, to Dr. A.K. Sahai for his outstanding contribution in the field Atmospheric Sciences in previous year.

Mr. Kirankumar Johare was awarded the National level third prize in the SERC school on "Atmospheric Effects of GPS and Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS)" sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, organized at the Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics, Osmania University, Hyderabad.


  • Dr. Matthiew Bouquet  and Dr. Sebestian Dubois  Leosphere, Paris, France are on visit to IITM. They delivered a lecture on topic "Innovative 1.5 micron Heterodyne Doppler-shift Wind Lidar for atmospheric dynamic studies" on 17 July 2009.
  • Dr. Saji N Hameed, APCC, Korea, is on visit to IITM. He delivered a seminar on topic "Two modes of winter time intraseasonal variability" on 22 July 2009.
  • Dr. Ajaya Mohan, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, University of Victoria, Canada, visited IITM. He delivered a seminar on "Likelihood and predictability of cooling episodes in a warming climate" on 8th July 2009.
  • Dr. Pascale Ultré-Guérard, Head of Earth Observation Programme, CNES, French Space Agency, Paris, France visited IITM. She delivered a seminar on "The French Earth observation strategy and  Satellites: the Sentinels of  planet Earth" on 9th July 2009.

June 2009

The Norbert Gerbier - MUMM International Award 2009 conferred

The Norbert Gerbier-MUMM International Award 2009 of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)  was conferred upon to Dr. K. Krishna Kumar (IITM) for his paper entitled “Unravelling the mystery of Indian Monsoon failure during El Niño”,  published in the journal Science, Vol. 314, 6 October 2006 co-authored by Balaji Rajagopalan, Martin Hoerling, Gary Bates and Mark Cane, all from USA, in a ceremonial function during the 61st session of the  WMO Executive Council held on 10th June 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Balaji Rajagopalan was also present in the award presentation ceremony. (Link to WMO website)


Dr. R. Ramesh, Senior Professor, Planetary and Geosciences Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad will be visiting IITM. He delivered a seminar on "Geoengineering" in the Institute on 3rd June 2009.

 May 2009

Flag-off function of CAIPEEX National Experiment

The flag off function of Cloud-Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment (CAIPEEX) took place from Pune Airport by Dr. Shilesh Nayak, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences on 17th May 2009. 
More .. )

National Workshop on Climate Change at IITM

National Workshop on 'Climate Change : Status and Future Plans' is being organized at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune during 18-19 May 2009.

  • Press Clippings of National Workshop on 'Climate Change : Status and Future Plans' , Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune.

19 May 2009

    1. Indian Express
    2. Daily News & Analysis
    3. Lokmat
    4. Loksatha
    5. Prabhat
    6. Sakal
    7. Sakal Times
    8. Times City

20 May 2009

    1. Sakal
    2. Pudhari

(More ..) 

April 2009

Prof B.N. Goswami has been selected for the Kamal Kumari National Award for "Science and Technology" for the year 2008. It is awarded by 'The Kamal Kumari Foundation', a charitable trust in Assam.

The award consists of Rs. 2 lakh in cash, a citation and a trophy which will be presented in a function at Guwahati.
See article in 'The Assam Tribune Online' about this Award in following link


  • Dr. Jonathan Donges,  Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany visited IITM on 6 April 2009. He delivered a seminar on "Information flow in Complex Climate Networks" in the Institute.
  • Dr. Rupa Kumar Kolli, Chief, World Climate Applications & CLIPS Division, World Climate Programme Department, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland and Scientist F of IITM delivered a seminar on "WMO Initiative to support Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change" on 15 April 2009 in the Institute.
  • Dr R.H. Kripalani, Visiting Professor,  Department of Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences, Pukyong National University,  Busan, South Korea and Ex-Scientist of IIITM visited IITM. He  delivered seminar on   "Indian Ocean Dipole Mode and East Asia - West Pacific Monsoon"  on 21 April 2009.
  • Dr. Vikram Khade,  UCAR Postdoctoral Fellow at Naval postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, US, visited IITM. He delivered a seminar on "An investigation of the Parametric Singular Vector Method (PSVM) to account for model error in Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF)" on 22 April 2009

March 2009

WMO Day 2009 Celebration

World Meteorological Organization has selected the theme  "Weather, climate and the air we breathe" for the year 2009. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune celebrated the World Meteorological Day on 23rd March 2009 at its premises at Pashan.

On this occasion, IITM observed an Open Day, an open house scientific exhibition, visit of students, teachers and general public to see the Institute's laboratories, supercomputers, satellite pictures and data receiving centre (SDUC), library, scientific film shows etc. and interaction with the scientists.

A popular science lecture on “Air quality of Pune city” by Dr. Ajay Ojha, Chief, Air Quality Management Cell of Pune Municipal Corporation was also arranged in the Institute. Dr. Ojha spoke on air quality of Pune city, causes of air pollution and the efforts of air quality management cell of the Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC). (More Details)


Training Workshop on Synthesizing Observed Local Variability and climate Extremes (SOLVE), under the Climate Risk Management Technical Assistance Support Project (CRM TASP) was held during 17 - 20 March 2009 at the Institute. The  CRM TASP Project is being implemented by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (adpc), Multi-Hazard Early Warning Center, Thailand in collaboration with IITM. Dr. K. Krishna Kumar is the coordinator of this Workshop.

Inhouse Meteorological Training in Atmospheric Science

Second Phase of an Inhouse Training in  Atmospheric Science for students of IITM (IITM Research Fellows, Research Associates etc.) and employees has been started  from 4th March 2009 for the period 2½ months. This training course covers
 (i) Statistical Techniques, (ii) Observational Techniques and (iii) Large scale Air-Sea Interaction


  • Prof. Danile Rosenfeld, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel is on visit to IITM. He deliverd a seminar on topic "Flood or Drought: How do aerosols affect precipitation?" in the Institute on 3 March 2009.

  • Dr. Dulal Chakrabarti, LACD ADGM (Information Systems & Satellite Meteorology), IMD, HQ, New Delhi visited IITM on 9th March 2009. He delivered a seminar on topic "New Digital Forecasting Framework".

  • Dr. P. V. Sundareswar, South Dakota University, USA visitied IITM. He delivered a seminar on "FLUX NET program", on 13 March 2009. He had discussions related to the FLUX NET Program with Institute scientists.

February 2009

Paper published in 'Science' about Asian Atmospheric Brown Cloud

A paper, co-authored by Dr. P.S.P. Rao, entitled “Brown Clouds over South Asia: Biomass or Fossil Fuel Combustion?” has been published in ‘Science’, 23 January, 2009.

Microscale radiocarbon measurements of the Asian Atmospheric Brown Cloud (ABC)  showed that half to two thirds of the carbonaceous aerosols are from biomass burning with the remainder from fossil fuel combustion. This paper can be seen at

The Reviews on this paper can be seen on following links

ECMWF Technical Memorandum No. 580 entitled "Assessment of  ECMWF forecasts: widespread rainfall events during the Indian summer monsoon" by Milind Mujumdar, Franco Molteni, Anna Ghelli, Frederic Vitart, Paul Dando and Julia Slingo, January 2009, is published.

Another link:

National Science Day Celebration at IITM

Institute celebratd the National Science Day on 26-27 February 2009. A popular Science lecture on  "What lies inside NASA"  was delivered by Mrs. Leena Bokil, Participant, Space Camp, NASA, USA on 26th February 2009.  27th February 2009 was obsrvd as an Open Day for visit of students from local schools, colleges, University and for General public. (More Details)...

January 2009


Dr. Jai Sukhatme, Postdoctoral Research Associate (Applied Mathematics), University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin, USA,  visited the Institute. He delivered a seminar on  topic "Vortical and Wave modes in rotating and stratified Turbulence"

India's Republic Day Celebration at Antarctica

IITM is participating in the 28th Antarctica Expedition. Alok Sagar Gautam and Saroj Kumar Sahu are the members of this expedition under the project "Behaviour of Ozone and its Precursors in the Marine and Polar Boundary Layer" , Principle Investigator of which is Dr. Gufran Beig.

IITM members celebrated the "REPUBLIC DAY" at India's new research base in Larsemanns hills with the Russian, Chinese delegates. The Indian flag was hoisted at Larsemann Hills in the presence of all delegates and expedition members. One scientist, from Estonia Dr. Eann Kaup, gave a lecture regarding the greatness of the countries which are participating in the Antarctica expedition run by Antarctica Treaty.

India's new research base in Larsemann Hills is located at 69 o 25' 29" South and 76o 11' 13" East. In other words, Larsemann Hills is approximately located at the site where a straight line drawn South from Kanyakumari will meet at Antarctica." 


Lectures by Visiting Scientists


Two Visiting Scientists viz., (i) Prof. Mike Wallace, University of Washington, Seattle, USA and (ii) Prof. Jagdish Shukla, University Professor, George Mason University and President, Institute of Global Environment and Society, USA will be visiting IITM and delivering special lectures


Sr. No.

Day & Date

Name of Prof.

Title of Lecture





23 Feb. 2010

Prof. Mike Wallace

Patterns of Climate Variability-Part I : Extratropical wintertime

Varahamihir Hall, IITM

11.00 -1230 hrs



23 Feb. 2010

Prof. Jagdish Shukla


Predictability of Weather and Climate-Part I: Weather

Varahamihir Hall, IITM

1600 -1730 hrs



24 Feb. 2010


Prof. Mike Wallace

Patterns of Climate Variability-Part II : Global, Year Round

Varahamihir Hall, IITM

1015 -

1115 hrs



24 Feb.2010


Prof. Jagdish Shukla

Predictability of Weather and Climate - Part II: Dynamical Seasonal Prediction

Varahamihir Hall, IITM

1145 -1245 hrs



24 Feb.2010


Prof. Mike Wallace

Climate Change: Science and Politics IMS/IITM Lecture

IUCAA Lecture Hall, IUCAA Campus

1500 - 1600 hrs



24 Feb.2010


Prof. Jagdish Shukla

Climate Change: Science and Politics IMS/IITM Lecture

IUCAA Lecture Hall, IUCAA Campus

1630 – 1730 hrs



25 Feb. 2010

Prof. Mike Wallace

Patterns of Climate Variability-Part III: Multidecadal

Varahamihir Hall, IITM

1100 -

1230 hrs



25 Feb. 2010

Prof. Jagdish Shukla

Predictability of Weather and Climate-Part III: Climate Change/ Decadal Variations

Varahamihir Hall, IITM

1600-1730 hrs