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High Performance Computer (HPC) System
(Chief Project Scientists:  Dr. A Suryachandra Rao)
The Earth behaves as a single interlinked and self regulating system. Its subsystems, viz. atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, geosphere and biosphere function together and their interactions are significant and complex. The energy and material transport within and across the subsystems occur from local to global scale in varying space and time. Improved and reliable forecast of weather and climate requires integration of observations using very high resolution dynamical models with realistic representation of all the physical processes and their complex non-linear interactions. Since weather is an initial value problem, accuracy of the initial condition is as important as the accuracy of the model. Thus, data assimilation is a crucial component of the weather predictions.
It is seen that the entire range of research work related to weather and climate forecast involves simulation runs of multiple versions of the high resolution forecast model which requires high computational power as well as high level of computer storage. Availability of High Performance Computers (HPC) has been the back bone of the remarkable improvement of skill of extra-tropical weather forecasts over the past two decades.
       With the increasing scope of research activities at IITM, the computational demand is increased manifold for undertaking various climate related problems that involve running of coupled models for hundreds of years and utilizing data from the global land ocean and atmosphere. In addition, ensemble modelling required for these studies are computationally exhaustive.
Thus to meet the demand for accurate prediction of weather and climate, a leadership-class HPC system with petaflops-scale capabilities is required. This requirement is similar to other climate centers in the world.
  • To establish a petaflops-scale HPC facility at MoES institutes to cater the needs of modeling activities of short-, medium-, extended- and long-range predictions, R & D to improve these predictions under the Monsoon Mission, Climate Change Research, National Training Centre and other programs of the Institute, and also to share the facility with other groups in the country.
  • To make available computational resources to the academic and other R&D community to work on the operational forecasting system and to improve forecast skill.
  • To maintain the facility by providing the necessary supporting infrastructure such as UPS, cooling system, Power and Generator backup. Significant investment has to be planned for maintaining the Facility.
  • To facilitate development of Indian model for monsoon weather and climate prediction and to generate climate projections.
  • State of the art computing facility for MoES scientists to meet the emerging demands of reliable Weather and Climate Forecasts.
  • Improved simulations of Indian Monsoon Weather and Climate at very high resolution.
  • Data Assimilation of Ocean and Atmospheric Data in Dynamical Models.
  • Transformation of the work being carried out at the Indian academic and R&D institutions into the operational weather/climate forecasts of the country.
  • Improved forecast of weather and climate that will help in reducing the losses of different sectors (e.g. tourism, disaster management, water planning, etc.) and improve the agricultural yield.
  • To formulate basic dynamical model and prediction strategy, to undertake data assimilation, model development and improvement in forecasting.
Current and projected HPC requirement by the various mission mode projects taken up by MoES during next 5 years from 2011
Current Requirement
By 2013
By 2016
(Peak in TF)
Centre for Climate Change Research (IITM)
Monsoon Mission (IITM/NCMRWF)
    Development of Seasonal Prediction System
   Development of a System for Extended Range Prediction of Active/Break Spell
   Development of a System for Medium/Short Range Prediction
National Training on Weather and Climate Science (IITM)
High Resolution Tropical Cyclone and Weather Prediction Operational and R&D (IITM, IMD, NCMRWF)
Medium Range Weather Forecast, Atmospheric Data Assimilation, Regional Reanalysis (NCMRWF, IITM)
Ocean State Forecast/Coastal Ocean State Forecast and Ocean Data Assimilation, Observing System Simulation Experiments (INCOIS)
Support for Academic Institutes (Universities, IISC, IITs, ISERs). Also to act as a backup HPC resource for operational weather forecast centers in India
Existing Facility ~120TF