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Research Reports 5/7

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Multimodel scheme for prediction of monthly rainfall over India

Kulkarni J.R., Kulkarni S.G., Badhe Y., Tambe S S.., Kulkarni B.D. and Pant G.B.

December 2003


Time - mean oceanic response and interannual variability in a global ocean GCM simulation

K.V. Ramesh and R. Krishnan

September 2003


Measurement of profiles and surface energy fluxes on the west coast of India at Vasco-Da-Gama Goa during ARMEX 2002-03

S. Sivaramakrishnan B.S. Murthy, T. Dharamraj, Cini Sukumaran and T. Rajitha Madhu Priya

August 2003


Thermodynamics and dynamics of the upper ocean mixed layer in the central and eastern Arabian sea

C. Gnanaseelan, A.K. Mishra, Bijoy Thompson and P.S. Salvekar

August 2003


Dynamical seasonal prediction experiments of the Indian summer monsoon

Mujumdar M., Krishnan R. and Satyan V.

June 2003


Evidence of twin gyres in the Indian ocean: new insights using reduced gravity model by daily winds

P Rahul Chand Reddy, Salvekar P.S., Ganer D.W. and Deo A.A.

February 2003


Real time simulations of surface circulations by a simple ocean model

P Rahul Chand Reddy, Salvekar P.S., Ganer D.W. and Deo A.A.

January 2003


Estimation of nonlinear heat and momentum transfer in the frequency domain buy the use of frequency co-spectra and cross-bispectra

Chakraborty D.R. and Biswas M.K.

August 2002


Prospects of prediction of Indian summer monsoon rainfall using global SST anomalies

Sahai A.K, Grimm A.M., Satyan V. and Pant G.B.,

April 2002


Intercomparison of Asian summer monsoon 1997 simulated by atmospheric general circulation models

Mandke S.K., Ramesh K.V. and Satyan V.

December 2001


Modelling studies of the 2000 Indian summer monsoon and extended analysis

Krishnan R., Mujumdar M., Vaidya V., Ramesh K.V. and Satyan V.

December 2001


Aerosol measurements using lidar and radiometers at Pune during INDOEX field phases

Maheskumar R.S., Devara P.C.S., Raj P.E., Jaya Rao Y.,Pandithurai G.,Dani K.K., Saha S.K., Sonbawne S.M. and Tiwari Y.K.

December 2001


Ensemble GCM simulations of the contrasting Indian summer monsoons of the 1987 and 1988

Mujumdar M. and Krishnan R.

February 2001


Reduction of AGCM systematic error by Artificial Neural Network: A new approach for dynamical seasonal prediction of Indian summer monsoon rainfall

Sahai A.K. and Satyan V

December 2000


Land surface processes experiment in the Sabarmati river basin: an overview and early results

Vernekar K.G., Sinha S., Sadani L.K., Sivaramakrishnan S.,Parasnis S.S., Brij Mohan, Saxena S., Dharamraj T., Pillai J.S., Murthy B.S., Debaje S.B., Patil M.N. and Singh A.B.

November 1999


On step mountain eta model

Mukhopadhyay P., Vaidya S.S., Sanjay J. and Singh S.S.

October 1999


Numerical investigation on wind induced interannual variability of the north Indian Ocean SST

Behera S.K.,Salvekar P.S. and Ganer D.W.

April 1999


Monsoon simulation of 1991 and 1994 by GCM : Sensitivity to SST distribution

Ashrit R.G.,Mandke S.K. and Soman M.K.

March 1999


Self - organized criticality in daily incidence of acute myocardial infarction

Selvam A.M., Sen D., and Mody S.M.S.

Feburary 1999


Evolution of convective boundary layer over the Deccan Plateau during summer monsoon

Parasnis S.S.

February 1999


Fractal nature of TOGA temperature time series

Selvam A.M. and Sapre V.V.

February 1999


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