Prof. B.N. Goswami, FASc., FNA, FNASc.

Former, Director, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

Popular Science Talk:

  • "Tomorrow's Weather Today"

    Broadcasted by All India Radio, Bangalore, 2nd August, 1998

    Invited lectures in India / abroad

  • Goswami B N 1985: Variations over the Indian Ocean region and its relation to monsoon variability. Invited paper presented in the CCCO Panel meeting on Indian Ocean Climate Studies, January 20-31, 1985, New Delhi.

  • Goswami B N 1990: Stability of a tropical coupled ocean-atmosphere system and its dependence on the thermodynamics and coupling processes. Invited paper at the International Conference on the Theory of differential equations and applications to oceanography 17-21 December 1990, Goa University, India.

  • Goswami B N 1991: (a) Predictability of a coupled ocean atmosphere model. (b) Low frequency variability of the monsoon: Observed characteristics. (c) Mechanisms of low frequency variability of the monsoon. Invited special lectures delivered at the "Course on Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Tropics" at International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, July 29-August 16, 1991.

  • Goswami B N 1992: Ocean-atmosphere coupled models and dynamics of ENSO. Invited paper at the National Symposium on Advances in Tropical Meteorology with special Emphasis on Satellite Meteorology, February 19-22, 1992, Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad, India.

  • Goswami B N 1992: Mechanisms of variability and predictability of the tropical coupled ocean-atmosphere system. Invited paper in International Workshop on Climate Variability and Regional Impacts, International Centre for Science and High Technology, Trieste, Italy, August 17-21, 1992.

  • Goswami B N 1993: Difficulties in simulation of time mean monsoon circulation: Some thoughts. Invited lecture at the TOGA/MONEG meeting held in New Delhi, convened by World Meteorological Organization, January 12-14, 1993.

  • Goswami B N 1994: A conceptual model for monsoon variability. "Key note address" in the "International Conference on Monsoon Variability and Prediction" held in Trieste, Italy, 3-13, May 1994.

  • Goswami B N 1995: On the seasonality of the predictability of ENSO: Invited talk to be delivered in TOGA-95 International Scientific Conference to be held in Melbourne, April 2-7, 1995, Australia.

  • Goswami B N 1999: Air-sea interactions in the Indian Ocean and discovery of an El Nino like mode in the Indian Ocean. Invited talk delivered in the Indo-Miyanmar Workshop in Oceanography , Sept 27-29, 1999, NIO, Goa.

  • Goswami B N 1999: Unstable air-sea interactions and discovery of an east-west dipole mode in the Indian Ocean . Invited talk delivered in the 34 th Executive Committee Meeting of SCOR, October 25-29, 1999, NIO, Goa.

  • Goswami B. N. 2000: Challlenges in Climate Prediction: Role of Couplong between Ocean and Atmosphere, Keynote address in the Workshop on Climate, Environment and the Biosphere-2K, Gauhati University, 16-18 Jan. 2000.

  • Goswami B. N. 2005: Intraseasonal variability of Asian-Australian monsoon and major roadblock to seasonal prediction, Invited talk at CLIVAR-2004, 21-25 June, 2004, Baltimore, MD, USA.