Training Program


How to apply for the training program?


The details of the selection process including the application format will be available in the month of January every year.


Who are all eligible to the training program?


Post graduates in selected physical sciences such as Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography, Chemistry, Earth sciences or any related discipline or graduates/post graduates in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Chemical or any related engineering disciplines will be eligible. The selection will be on the basis of high ranks in CSIR-UGC NET / GATE and interview.


When will be the detailed announcement for the training program being issued?


The detailed announcement will be issued in the month of January every year.


Where the detailed announcement for the training program will appear?


In the MoES & IITM Websites, Employment news, leading national newspapers and other selected media.


What will be the eligibility test?


The eligibility test of CSIR-UGC NET / GATE will be applicable.


What are the job prospects for the trainees?


All those who successfully complete the training program will be placed in any one of the Institutes of the Ministry of Earth Sciences as Scientists in suitable grades.


At what level the trainees are placed?


The trainees after successful training will be placed as Scientists. Those with BTech or MSc will be placed as Scientist-B and those with MTech or MS will be placed at Scientist-C level.

 What will be the nature of the job?


The candidates after successful completion of the training will be inducted as scientists. The nature of the job is mainly research in the area of climate science with some amount of teaching, technology development, etc. wherever required.


What will be the topic of M. Tech. program?


The M.Tech will be in Atmospheric Sciences from the Pune University.


What will be the areas for Ph. D. program?


The Ph.D. program will be in different aspects of earth system sciences with particular emphasis on climate dynamics, climate change, climate modeling, monsoon variability and predictability, air-sea interaction and related topics.


       Faculty Positions


         What are the faculty positions expected to be filled?


       The positions will be at the level up to Scientist – E.


         Will there be a detailed announcement for faculty positions?

       There will be  detailed announcements periodically for the faculty positions. The details such as the different positions available, the eligibility, remuneration, how to apply, the last date of application, and all those details required for the candidates will be announced.

  Who will be eligible to apply for the faculty positions?

        The minimum qualifications for the faculty positions will be Ph.D. and research and/or teaching experience in science or engineering related to climate studies.

         What are the growth prospects for the faculty?

       Those who join the services of the Centre for Advanced Training will be governed by the service rules of IITM. For promotions to higher levels Flexible Complementing Scheme (FCS) is operational at IITM.

         Whether the candidates who responded to the present general announcement should apply again? 

        Yes. They have to submit their details in a prescribed format.

         What are the responsibilities of the faculty?

      To teach, guide and do research in the area of earth system sciences with particular emphasis on climate dynamics, climate modeling / forecasts, climate change and related topics.