• Monsoon shuts down Mumbai
  • Mumbai Flood - pictures

  • Monsoon shuts down Mumbai
    Wed, 27 Jul 2005 12:29:41 EDT - CBC News

    India's heaviest monsoon downpour on record has shut down the country's financial capital of Mumbai, closing airports and railways and knocking out communications. Some 150,000 people were stranded at train stations and forced to sleep in offices after up to 94 centimetres of rain fell in one day, government radio reported. Other commuters had to trek home after dark. The level of rain was so high on Tuesday that some people on double-decker buses in the city, formerly known as Bombay, had to climb to the top floor of the vehicles to escape the water.

    "Most places in India don't receive this kind of rainfall in a year. This is the highest ever recorded in India's history," R.V. Sharma, director of the state meteorological department, told the Associated Press.

    Mumbai Flood - pictures

    People hold on to a rope to cross a street after heavy rains

    Commuters walk through floodwaters after heavy torrential rains paralysed the city

    A train stranded in floodwaters

    People walk through flooded streets after heavy rains