Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune- 411 008

Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library

during December – 2005





Tropical Meteorology

- Asnani G.C.

Prof. Asnani G.C., Aundh, Pune, 2005,             Vol. I- pp.750, Vol. II- pp.753, Vol. III- pp.679 approx.

Acc.  No. 7288-7293

Vol. I – III (2 sets)





Java Script : The complete Reference 2nd Ed.

- Powell T. and Schneider F.

Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Ltd.,

New Delhi, 2004, pp.962


Acc.  No. 7294





Snow and Glacier Hydrology

-  Singh P., Singh V.P.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, 2001, pp.742


Acc.  No. 7295





Weather Radar – Principles and Advanced Applications

- Meischner P. Ed.

Springer Verlag, Germany, 2004, pp.337.

Acc.  No. 7296





Laser Rader Techniques for Atmospheric Sensing – Proceedings of SPIE – 14-16 September 2004, Maspalomas, Grain  Canaria, Spain

- Singh U.N. Ed

SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineers, Washington, U.S.A., 2004, pp.166.

Acc.  No. 7297



Quaternary Glaciations Extent and Chronology Part II : North America (+ 2 disc of CD’s)

- Ehlers J. and Gibbard P.L. Eds.

Elsevier B.V., The Netherlands, 2004, pp.440

Acc.  No. 7298





Quaternary Glaciations Extent and Chronology Part III : South America, Asia, Africa, Australasia, Antarctica (+ 2 disc of CD’s)

- Ehlers J. and Gibbard P.L. Eds.

Elsevier B.V., The Netherlands, 2004, pp. 380

Acc.  No. 7299





Proceedings workshop on Gangotri Glacier – Lucknow 26-28 March 2003

Special Publication No. 80

- Srivastava D., Gupta K.R.and Mukherji S. Ed.

Director General, Geological Survey of India, Kolkota, 2004, pp. 242


Acc.  No. 7300





Proceedings  of National Symposium on Half a Century Progress in Oceanographic Studies of North Indian Ocean Since Prof. LA FOND’s Contribution (HAC PO)

- Prasad K.V.S.R. Ed.

Department of Meteorology and Oceanography,

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 2004, pp.103

Acc.  No. 7301





  Annual Reports




Annual Report 2004-2005, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore

Acc.  No. AR-18







Annual Report 2004 -2005, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Acc.  No. AR- 64






Annual Report  2004-2005, National MST Radar Facility, Department of Space, Government of India, Gadanki, Andhra Pradesh


Acc.  No. AR- 08






Annual Report  2004, Institute of Geoscience, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan


Acc.  No. AR- 138


COLA  Reports



Global Characterization of Hydrologic Cycle From a Quasi-Isentropic Back-Trajectory Analysis of Atmospheric Water Vapor

- Dirmeyer P.A. and Brubaker K.L.

COLA Technical Report NO.196, October 2005, pp.33.




Acc. No. COLA-188






Effects of Downward Fluxes and Initial Conditions on the Skill Climate Predictions

- Zhao M., Dirmeyer P.A. and Schlosser A.

COLA Technical Report NO.198, October

2005, pp.39.





Acc.  No. COLA-189





Evolution of Model Systematic Error in the Tropical Atlantic Basin from NCEP Coupled

Hind casts

- Huang B. Hu Z.

COLA Technical Report NO.198, October

 2005, pp.43.




Acc.  No. COLA-190



Influence of Sea Surface  Temperature Anomalies on Low-Frequency Variability of the North Atlantic Oscillation

- Manganello J.V. and Shukla J.

COLA Technical Report No.199, October

 2005, pp.61.




Acc.  No. COLA-191

I.M.D.   Publications


Development of a High Resolution Daily Gridded rainfall Data For the Indian Region

Meteorological Monograph Climatology No.22/2005

- Rajeevan M., Bhate J., Kale J. D. and Lal B.

National Climate Centre, I.M.D., Pune, 2005, pp.26

Acc  No. IMD-21/03





Miscellaneous Meteorological Publications



Samaj Aur Samudra (Hindi)

- Setha S.K., Rakeshkumar Mehta M., Ed. Government of India, Department of Ocean Development, New Delhi, 2005, pp.127.                                                                        


Acc  No. MET-435


M.Tech. Report 


Life Cycle of Two Nor’westers diagnosed with Doppler Radar, Meteosat -5 Imageries and T-   Plot Analyses

- Halder S.,

Internship report for M.Tech.(Atmospheric Science), Under the guidance of

Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay, I.I.T.M., Pune.

University of Pune, Pune, 2005, pp.62.


Acc  No. M.Tech.25