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December- 2007






Legacy Continues... Diamond Jubilee Volume.

- National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, 2007, pp.247


Acc. NO. 7546




NCC Research Report-5

Analysis of the Operational Long Range Forecasts of 2007 Southwest Monsoon Rainfall

- Bhatia R.C., Rajeevan M., Pai D.S.

- National Climate Centre, ADGM(R), I.M.D., Pune December 2007, pp.35

Acc. NO. IMD-406/04




Termination of Indian Ocean Dipole Event in an Ocean General Circulation Model

- Thompson B., Gnanaseelan C., Parekh A. and

   Salvekar P.S.

- Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune
Research Report No.115, April 2007, pp.24

Acc. NO. RR-115




Performance of NCMRWF Models in Predicting High Rainfall Spells During SW Monsoon Season A Study for some Cases in July 2004

- Khaladkar R.M., Narkhedkar S.G. and Mahajan P.N.

-  Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune
Research Report No.116, April 2007, pp.18


Acc. NO. RR-116




OLR and Rainfall Variations Across India in Relation to Changing Global Atmospheric Thermal Conditions

- Singh H.N., Singh Nityanand and Sontakke N.A.

- Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune
Research Report No.117, April 2007, pp.72


Acc. NO. RR-117




Study on the Role of Convective Instability in Producing Heavy Rainfall on an Isolated Day Over Sylhet, Bangladesh


- Dutta S.

-  SAARC Meteorological Research Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 2007, pp.23

Acc. NO. SMRC-16



A Study on Surface and Subsurface Variability in the Tropical Indian Ocean Using Observations and Model

- Submitted to University of Pune, Pune

- Chowdary J.S.

- July 2007, pp.196

Acc. NO. T-131




Annual Report 2006-2007

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Jakkur, Bangalore, pp.84


Acc. NO. AR-64




Academic Report 2006-2007

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences Manora Peak, Nainital, pp.44


Acc. NO. AR-65




Annual Report 2005-2006

Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, New Delhi, pp.80

Acc. NO. AR-66




Annual Report 2005-2006

National Centre for Cell Science, Pune, pp.142

Acc. NO. AR-67