Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library

December 2014  



El Nino, La Nino, and the Southern Oscillation

- Philander, S. George. 

- Academic Press, U.S.A.,1990, pp.293 


Acc. No. 8335-83368335-36



 High Impact Weather Events over the SAARC Region

- Ray Kamaljit, Mohapatra M., Bandyopadhyay B.K., Rathore L.S.,

- Capital Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2014, pp.393

Acc. No. 83378337 



Ozone in the Atmosphere: Basic Principles, Natural and Human Impacts

- Fabian P., Dameris M.

- Springer, Germany, 2014, pp.137

Acc. No. 83388338



Introduction to Public Health- 4th Ed.

- Schneider Mary-Jane.

- Jones & Bartlett India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2014, pp.622

Acc. No. 8339



 Monsoon - 2013: A Report

- IMD Met. Monograph No. ESSO/IMD/SYNOPTIC MET/01-2014/15

- Pai, D.S., Bhan, S.C.

 National Climate Centre, I.M.D., Pune,  2013, pp.222

Acc. No. IMD-324/17


  Annual Report 2013-2014

- Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Navi Mumbai, pp. 72


Acc. No. AR-6


 Wave Atlas of the Indian Coast

- Sivakholundu K.M., Joseph K. Jossia., Jena B.K.,

- National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai,

Sept. 2014, pp.130

Acc. No. MET- 545

M.Sc. Thesis

Slant Column Density Determination of Atmospheric Trace Gases Using UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer (Ocean Optics, HR 2000+)

- Pariyar, Priya

- Project Report for the Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of M.Sc. (Tech.) Environment Science and Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Dec 2014, pp.40

* Under the Guidance of Dr. G.S.Meena, IITM, Pune.

Acc. No. M.Sc-54

PROJECT REPORTS: Submitted by CAT-ESSC Trainee-Scientist (BATCH 3)

Potential Impact of Climate on the Marine Primary Productivity in the North Indian Ocean, pp.84

- Modi Aditi

Acc. No.CAT- 36


Application of Derivative Analysis to Identify Optimal Spectral Bands to Estimate Chlorophyll - a from Different Water Types of Indian Coastal Waters, pp.52

- Samanta Alakes 

Acc. No.CAT- 37


The Role of Tropical Pacific Basin Wide Warming on Indian Summer Monsoon, pp.55

- Jha Ambuj

Acc. No.CAT- 38


Shape Optimization of AUPD (ARGO FLOAT) using Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, pp.54

- Kishor Anand

Acc. No.CAT- 39  

Application of Electrical Resistivity Imaging for Delineating near Surface Drainages/ Piping, pp.48

- Pant  Anuj 

Acc. No.CAT- 40

Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Accoustic Vector Sensor, pp.60

- Mujumdar Anulekha  

Acc. No.CAT- 41

Chromatographic and Functional Characterization of Microbial Pigments in Arctic Waters, pp. 88

- Singh Archana  

Acc. No.CAT- 42


Evaluation of NOAA Reforecast V2 Rainfall over India during Monsoon, pp.49

- Roy Arka 

Acc. No.CAT- 43

Understanding the unusual Diurnal Variability of Tropospheric column NO2 over Extremely High Emitting Point Source in India: Satellite Observations and Regional Chemical Transport Model Simulations, pp.38

- Upendra Badimela

Acc. No.CAT- 44


Validation of TRMM-3B42 Precipitation Product over the North Indian Ocean using Rain Gauge Data from the OMNI Buoy Network, pp.62

- Halder Biswjit 

Acc. No.CAT- 45

Data Assimilation of SST and SSH in Indian Ocean with 1/4 Degree ROMS, pp.60

- Paul Biswamoy

Acc. No.CAT- 46


Subgrid Scale Variability of Vertical Velocity from Observations in Monsoon Boundary Layer and It's Cloud Regimes, pp. 40

- Jash Dhrmadas

Acc. No.CAT- 47


Development of a Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) Code: Simulating Incompressible Laminar Flows, pp.58

- Singh Manmeet 

Acc. No.CAT- 48


Full Waveform Modeling of Wide-Angle Seismic Data from Kachchh, Gujarat, Central Western India, pp.65

- Singh Ningthoujam Lachit 

Acc. No.CAT- 49

Scale Interactions in the Stably Stratified Boundary Layers and the Role of Low-Level Jet, pp.69

- Debburman Prmitkumar

Acc. No.CAT-50


Dust Forecast by NCUM over Indian Region: Validation and Impact Study, pp.58

- Das Prsanjit 

Acc. No.CAT- 51


Influence of Intraseasonal Wind Forcing on the Equatorial Indian Ocean Zonal Currents, pp.64

- Singh Prerna  

Acc. No.CAT- 52


Evaluation of Daily Rainfall- Runoff Simulations in Narmada River Basin, pp.65

- Sharma Rajat 

Acc. No.CAT- 53


Global Seawater DMS Climatology: Comparison & Update, pp.53

- Gupta Smrati 

Acc. No.CAT- 54

On the Influence of VOCs on Atmospheric Aerosol Variability over an Urban and a High-Altitude Site, pp.68

- Mukherjee Subrata

Acc. No.CAT-55


Study of Seasonal Variation and Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds in Pune using High-Resolution PTR-MS, pp.82

- Maji Sujit 

Acc. No.CAT- 56


Wave Climate Studies off the SW Coast of India, pp.75

- Thatikanda Suresh 

Acc. No.CAT- 57 

Past Climate Reconstruction from Arctic Fjord Sediments pp.66

- Vikash Kumar

Acc. No.CAT- 58