Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune- 411 008


Publications added in the I.I.T.M. Library during January - 2005



Acc.No.               Title & Author(s)




7155                Data  Analysis  Methods  in  Physical  Oceanography  -  Emery W.J.  and       Thomson R.E.


7156                Agricultural Meteorology - Prasada Rao  G.S.L.H.V.



Annual Reports


AR-54              National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research , Goa – 2003-2004.


AR-41              National Chemical Laboratory, Pune - 2003-2004


AR-63              National Remote Sensing Agency,  Hyderabad – 2003-2004.


European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMRWF) Reports


ECMRWF-      Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Atmosphere and Ocean

    196              Modelling – ECMRWF, 6-10, September 2004.


EcMRWF-       ERA-40 Project Report Series 20.- Evaluation of Reanalysis Soil Moisture

197              Simulations using Updated Chinese Soil Moisture Observations by Li H., Robock A., Liu S., Mo X., Viterbo P.       


I.M.D. Publications


IMD/01/03        Indian Astronomical Ephemeris – 2005 – I.M.D.


Miscellaneous Meteorological Publications (MET)


MET-415         Cold  Wave of 2002-2003: Impact on Agriculture – Samra J.S., Singh G. and  Ramakrishna Y.S.


MET-416         Samudri Suchana Seva –Seth S.P., Rakeshkumar, Mehata M. Ed. ( In Hindi)


M.Tech. Project Report


M.Tech.21       Long-term Trends and Solar Response in Temperature and Ozone over Tropics -  Fadnavis S., M.Tech. ( Atmospheric Physics) Project Report submitted to University of Pune, Pune, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune .