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January 2014





Invisible in the Storm: The Role of Mathematics in Understanding Weather - Roulstone I. and Norbury J. - Princeton University Press, U.S.A., 2013, pp.315

Acc. No.8302





Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology 5th Ed.

- Holton J.R. and Hakim G.J.

-  Academic Press, U.S.A., 2013, pp.532

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JOURNALS - from the year 2014 and onwards


Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (Only Online version) Published by Annual Reviews, U.S.A.

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WRIEs Climate Change (Only Online version) Published by Royal Meteorological Society, U.K.

Access available against Institutional Corporate Membership from Vol.1, 2010- Vol.5, 2014 through Wiley online Library

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Annual Report 2012-2013

-     Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, pp.143


Acc. No. AR-7306.jpg


Annual Report 2012-2013

-     Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science Agharkar Research Institute., Pune, pp.102


Acc. No. AR-39




Annual Report 2012-2013

-     Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, Hyderabad, pp.118

Acc. No. AR-7404.jpg



Annual Report 2012-2013

- Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, pp.185

Acc. No. AR-83




Annual Report 2012-2013

-   Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmadabad, pp.126

Acc. No. AR-11





Climate of Bihar
Climatological Summaries of States Series- No.18
- Climatological Publication Section,
- Office of Additional Director General of Meteorology (Research), IMD, Pune, November 2011, pp.257

Acc. No. IMD- 344/2403.jpg


Report on PRE-Monsoon Season 2013 Thunderstorms over India (SMRC Storm Project - 2013) (15th March to 15th June) Report No.: SMRC Storm Project - 201/2/20133
- Ray, K.
- India Meteorological Department, Ministry of Earth Science, New Delhi, pp.164

Acc. No. IMD- 344/25


PROJECT REPORTS: Submitted by CAT-ESSC Trainee-Scientist (BATCH 2) December 2013

Storm Surge Modeling for Tamil Nadu Coast, pp.66
Varghese, M.

Acc. No.CAT- 18


Motion Response Control and Measurement of Interconnection System Response using Lab VIEW Program, pp.74
- Balaji, B.


Acc. No.CAT- 19


Quantifying the Effect of HCHO/NO2 Ration Changes on O3 Production in the Indian Subcontinent, pp.57
- Biswas M.S

Acc. No.CAT- 20


Identification of the Sources of Dust Deposited in Antarctica using a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model, pp.48
- Chatterjee, S.

Acc. No.CAT- 21




Evaluation of the Short Range Ensemble Forecast for Tropical Cyclones over India Using TIGGE, EPS, pp.64
- Deepa, J.S.


Acc. No.CAT- 22


Generation of Probabilistic Forecasts of Maximum and Minimum Temperature Based on GEFS, pp.56
- Day, A.


Acc. No.CAT- 23


Evaluating the Short Range Ensemble Forecast of Weather Associated With Madden Julian Oscillations (MJO) using ECMWF TIGGE EPS Data, pp. 61
- Malviya, S.


Acc. No.CAT- 24


Calibration of SAPHIR Radiance towards Data Assimilation, pp.73
- Mandal, R.


Acc. No.CAT- 25


Assimilation of Sea Surface Height Anomalies, in a 1 1/2 Layer Linear Reduced Gravity Model Using Ensemble Karman Filter, pp.61
- Nadiminti P.K.

Acc. No.CAT- 26


Study of Interaseasonal Variations in the Bay of Bengal Using OMNI Buoy Data, pp.50
- Pradhan, M.


Acc. No.CAT- 27

Chemical Signatures of Phytoplankton-Bacterial Interaction in an Arctic Fjord, pp.92
- Roy, C.

Acc. No.CAT- 28


Possible Mechanism Behind Evaluation of Boreal Summer Interaseasonal Oscillation (BSISO) in Observation, pp. 57
- Sarkar, S.


Acc. No.CAT- 29


Satellite Detection and Monitoring of High Biomass Algal Blooms: Preparedness for an Ecological Disaster, pp.52
- Narayanshetti, S.


Acc. No.CAT- 30


Environmental Forcing on Phytoplankton Biomass Distribution in Bay of Bengal Using Satellite and In-Situ ARGO Profile Data, pp.55
- Singh, B.B.


Acc. No.CAT- 31


Study of Progress of Monsoon Isochrones from South to North from Coupled Model Outputs and Observation Data, pp.73
- Singh, Sadhana

Acc. No.CAT-32


Indian Ocean Dipole in CFSv2 and ESM V1: Role of Ocean Biases, pp.71
- Singh, Shikha


Acc. No.CAT- 33


Scale Interactions in CFS Coupled Model, pp.44
- Srivastava, A.


Acc. No.CAT- 34


Evaluating the Short Range Ensemble Forecast of Monsoon
Weather Associated with Indian Summer Monsoon ISOs using NCEP TIGGE EPS Data, pp.44

- Tirkey, S.


Acc. No.CAT- 35