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Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library

during JULY – 2005






      Climate Modeling Primer 3rd Ed.(+1 CD)

        McGuffie K. and Handerson-Sellers A.,

John Wiley and Sons Ltd., England,2005, pp.280.


Acc.  No. 7209

 and 7210






Waves in the Ocean and Atmosphere – Introduction to wave Dynamics

        Pedlosky Joseph

Springer-Verlag, New York, 2003, pp.260



Acc.  No. 7211







Fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere (+1CD)

        Viisconti Guido

Springer-Verlag, New York, 2001, pp.593.


Acc.  No. 7212







Global –Regional Linkages in the Earth System –IGBP Series- Global Change

        Tyson P. et al. Eds.

 Springer-Verlag, New York, 2002, pp. 198.


Acc.  No. 7213



Miscellaneous Publications




Annual Reports 2004-2005






    Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.

pp. 177.


Acc.  No. AR-055






     National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.



Acc.  No. AR-060





      World Meteorological Organization - Sustainable development in the information age,

 - WMO

WMO-No.980 (+1CD), pp.80.



Acc.  No. AR-132




COLA  Reports




Origin of Decadal ENSO-like Variability in a Coupled GCM

        Yeh Sang-Wook and Kirtman Ben P.

 COLA Technical Report NO.181,

Center for Ocean - Land - Atmosphere Studies, Maryland, USA, March 2005, pp.37.



Acc.  No. COLA-175




Local Air-Sea Relationship in observations and Model Simulations

        Wu Renguang, Kirtman B.P., Kathy Pegion,

COLA Technical Report NO.182,

Center for Ocean - Land - Atmosphere Studies, Maryland, USA, May 2005, pp.27.



    Acc.  No. COLA-176




      Dipole – Like SST Variability in the tropical Pacific

        Yeh Sang- Wook and Kirtman Ben P.

 COLA Technical Report  NO.183,

Center for Ocean - Land - Atmosphere Studies, Maryland, USA, May  2005, pp.34.



Acc.  No. COLA-177







Changes in Spread and Predictability Associated with ENSO in an Ensembte Copled GCM

   Wu Renguang, Kirtman B.P.

COLA Technical Report NO.184,

Center for Ocean - Land - Atmosphere Studies, Maryland, USA,  May 2005, pp.41



Acc.  No. COLA-178






ECMRWF Reports



ERA –40 Project Report Series No.23 Homogenization of radiosonde temperature time series using ERA  40 analysis feedback information

 – Haimberger Leopold, ECMRWF England,                 June 2005, pp.68.






Acc. No. ECMRWF-201


ERA – 40 Project Report Series No.25

Land – Surface, boundary Layer and Cloud – field coupling Over the Southwestern Amazon in ERA -40 – Betts Alan K. and Viterbo Pedro,

ECMRWF England, June 2005, pp.22.



Acc. No. ECMRWF-202