Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune- 411 008


Publications added in the I.I.T.M. Library during  March – 2005



Acc.No.             Title & Author(s)





7163               Computer-based Climatological Maps for High Mountain Areas : New Methods and their Applications, with Examples from the Himalayas by Hormann Klaus


7164               Monsoon and Civilization by Yasuda Yoshinori and Shinde Vasant  Ed.




Annual Reports  2003-2004


AR-180           Frontier Research System for Global Change, Kanagawa, Japan.


AR-157           International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, Columbia University, USA.


AR-64             Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced  Scientific Research, Jakkur, Bangalore.




I.M.D. Publications


IMD/01/04      Disastrous    Weather    Events  –  2001,   National   Climate   Centre, India Meteorological Department, Pune. (two copies)


IMD/01/05      Observational    Organisation  –  2004,   National    Climate     Centre, India Meteorological Department, Pune. (two copies)




Miscellaneous Meteorological Publications (MET)


MET-415        Nadi Niyantran Takanik – Oak R.A. and Pawar M., CWPRS, Pune. (in Hindi)