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Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library


May – 2005










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Acc.  No. 7174






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Acc.  No. 7176





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Acc.  No. 7177






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Acc  No. 7179






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Acc.  No. 7183






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Acc.  No. 7184






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– Air Force Administrative College and Bharathier University, Coimbatore.

Faculty of Meteorology, Air Force Administrative College, Redfields, Coimbatore, 2005, pp.608.


Acc.  No. 7185



Miscellaneous Publications



Annual Reports



Central Water and Power Research Station 2003-2004,

Khadakwasla, Pune.




Acc.  No. AR-021




Department of Atomic Energy -2003-2004,  Govt. of India, Mumbai.





Acc.  No. AR-045




START- 2003-2004,

International START Secretariat,

Washington , U.S.A.




Acc.  No. AR-172


COLA  Reports



The Known, the Unknown and the Unknowable in the Predictability of Weather – Straus D.M. and Shukla J., COLA Technical Report NO.175, January 2005, pp20.




Acc.  No. COLA-171




On the Mechanisms of the Interannual Variability in the Tropical Indian Ocean  Part I : The Role of the Remote Forcing from Tropical Pacific– Huang Bohua and Shukla J., COLA Technical Report NO.176, February2005, pp.41.




Acc.  No. COLA-172






Specification of Wintertime North American Surface Temperature – Delsole Timothy and Shukle J., COLA Technical Report NO.179, March 2005, pp.59.




Acc.  No. COLA-173




Air-Sea Coupling in the North Atlantic During Summer – Hu Zeng-Zhen and Huang Bohua, COLA Technical Report NO.180, March 2005, pp.35.




Acc.  No. COLA-174


ECMRWF Reports


Proceedings of the ECMWF / ELDAS Workshop on Land Surface Assimilation,

 8 -11 November 2004, Janaury 2005, pp.219.






Acc. No. ECMRWF-200


I.M.D. Publications



Annual Climate Summary – 2004.

- National Climate Centre, A.D.G.M.R., I.M.D., Pune.2005, pp.12.




Acc.  No. IMD/101/01







Climatology of Hourly Dry Bulb Temperature, - Investigation and Development Unit, A.D.G.M.R., I.M.D., Pune, 2001,  pp.290.




Acc.  No. IMD/41/02


Miscellaneous Meteorological Publications (MET)



An Atlas of Antarctic Sea Ice – from OCEANSAT – 1MSMR (June 1999 – September 2001)

           Vyas N.K., Bhandari S.M., Dash M.K., Pandey P.C., Khare N., Khanolkar A. and Sharma N.,National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Goa, and Space Application Centre,  Ahemadabad, 2004, pp.34.




Acc  No. MET- 418





Cloud Radiative Forcing Over the Indian Region During 1987 El Nino Event

 - Patil S.D., Pilot Project Report, Post Graduate Course in Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate, Space Application Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation, Ahmedabad.

2004, pp.20




Acc  No. MET-419




INFOCROP – A Generic Simulation Model for Annual Crops in Tropical Environments  (+ 1CD)

Aggarwal P.K., Kalra N., Chander S. and Pathak H.

Division of Environmental Sciences. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 2004, pp.129.



Acc  No. MET-420









The Summer Monsoon Onset Process Over South Asia and An  Objective Method for the Date Monsoon Onset  Over Kerala

Joseph P.V., Sooraj K.P. and Rajan C.K.

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Fine Arts Avenue, Cochin,2005, pp.22.





Acc  No. MET-421


M.Tech. Project Report




Charecterization of Boundary Layer Aerosols Using Lidar

- Muhsin M. Submitted to Department. Of Atmospheric Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin under the Guidance of Dr. P.C.S.Devara, I.I.TM., Pune, 2005, pp.54.




Acc  No. M.Tech.23


Thesis (Ph.D.)



Study of Stratospheric Aerosol  by Passive Remote Sensing Technique

-             B. Padmakumari, I.I.T.M., Pune, from University of Pune, 2004, pp,185.




Acc.  No. T-117


W.M.O. Publications



Annual Review of the World Climate Research Programme and Report of the Twenty-Fifty Session of the Joint Scientific Committee, Moscow, Russian Federation, 1-6 March 2004,  December 2004 -  W.M.O.,  WMO/TD No. 1262, pp.91.







Acc. No. WMO-954



THORPEXA Global Atmospheric Research Programme- International Science Plan – Shapiro M., Thorpe A., WMO/TD-No.1246, WWRP/THORPEX No.2, 2004, pp.51.  




Acc.  No.  WMO-955  



Acc.No. 7166-7173 Donated by Dr.S.S.Parasnis, retired  Scientist, IITM, Pune