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Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library

during October – 2005






Practical IDL Programming –             Creating Effective Data Analysis and Visualization  Applications

- Gumely Liam E. Ed.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, U.S.A., 2002, pp.508.

Acc.  No. 7263










Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability – Historical and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives – Antarctic Research Series Vol.79

- Domack Eugene, Leventer Amy, Burnett Adam, Bindschadler Robert, Convey Peter and Kirby Matthew Eds.

American Geophysical Union, Washington, U.S.A., 2003, pp.260.


 Acc.  No. 7264







Earth’s Climate : The Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction – Geophysical Monograph – 147

- Wang C., Xie S.P., Carton J.A. Eds.

 American Geophysical Union, Washington, U.S.A., 2004, pp.405.


Acc.  No. 7265








Environmental Mechanics – Water, Mass and Energy Transfer in the Biosphere

The Philip Volume

Geophysical Monograph – 129

-Raats P. A.C., Smiles D., Warrick A. W. Eds.

American Geophysical Union, Washington, U.S.A., 2002, pp.345.


Acc.  No. 7266






Mid-Ocean Ridges:

Hydrothermal Interactions Between the Lithosphere and Oceans

Geophysical Monograph – 148

German C. R., Lin J. and Parson L. M. Eds.

American Geophysical Union, Washington, U.S.A., 2004, pp.318.



Acc.  No. 7267








Sea Salt Aerosol Production:

Mechanisms, Methods, Measurements and Models – A Critical Review

Geophysical Monograph – 152

- Lewis E.R., Schwartz S. E.

American Geophysical Union, Washington, U.S.A., 2004, pp.412.


Acc.  No. 7268






Interactions Between the Cryosphere, Climate and Greenhouse Gases

IASH Publication No. 256

-Tranter M., Armstrong R., Brun E., Jones G., Sharp M., Williams M. Eds.

International Association  of Hydrological Sciences, IASH Press, Institute of Hydrology, U.K., 1999, pp.281


Acc.  No. 7269







Extremes of the Extremes: Extraordinary Floods.

IASH Publication No. 271

-Snorasson A., Finnsdottir H. P. and Moss M.Eds.

International Association  of Hydrological Sciences, IASH Press, Institute of Hydrology, U.K., 2002, pp.393


Acc.  No. 7270








The Sun

-  Sheth P.R.

National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2005, pp.124.










Of Science and Scientists

-  An Anthology of Anecdotes

-  Kothare A.N., Palsule S., Parekh S.M., Navalkar M. P.

National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2005, pp.232.



Acc.  No. 7273







Scientific Companion – Exploring the Physical World with Facts, Figures and Formulas 2nd Ed.  

– Emiliani C.

John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, 1995, pp.358.


Acc.  No. 7274







Interaction of Ocean Waves and Wind.

- Janssen P.

Cambridge University Press, U.K., 2004, pp.300.             



Acc.  No. 7275







Earth’s Low-Latitude boundary Layer

Geophysical Monograph – 133

- Newell P.T., Onsager T. Eds.

American Geophysical Union, Washington, U.S.A., 2002, pp.384.


Acc  No. 7276







Tropical Climatology 2nd Ed.

- An Introduction to the Climates of the Low Latitudes

- McGregor G.R., Nieuwolt S.

John Wiley and Sons, Inc., England, 1998, pp.339.


Acc  No. 7277








East Asian Monsoon

- World Scientific Series on Meteorology of East Asia - Vol.2.

World Scientific Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., Singapore, 2004, pp.564.



Acc.  No. 7278



Annual Reports


Annual Report 2004-2005, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune.



Acc.  No. AR-13





Annual Report  2003-2004, Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment , Manali (HP)



Acc.  No. AR- 58





COLA  Reports



ENSO  Amplitude Changes in Climate Change Projections

-Yeh S.W., Kirtman B.P.

COLA Technical Report NO.190, July 2005, pp.31.



Acc. No. COLA-182





Estimating Circulation Regime Properties: Uncertainty and Predictability

- Straus D., Corti S. and Molteni F.

COLA Technical Report NO.191, August

 2005, pp.45.





Acc.  No. COLA-183


Do Global Models Properly Represent the Feedback Between Land and Atmosphere?

- Dirmeyer P.A., Koster R.D. and Guo Z.

COLA Technical Report NO.192, August 2005, pp.46.







Acc.  No. COLA-184




Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition: A Noise Assisted Data Analysis Method

-Wu Z. and Huang N.E.

COLA Technical Report NO.193, August 2005, pp.49.



Acc.  No. COLA-185





Miscellaneous Meteorological Publications


Thunderstorm Climatology Over Indian Region -

Technical Report: 01/2005

- AVM Tyagi A.

Directorate of Meteorology, Air Headquarters (VB), New Delhi, 2005, pp.47.



Acc  No. MET- 433






SAARC Meteorological Research Centre



Further Evaluation of the Quasi-Lagrangian Model for Cyclone Track Prediction in the North Indian Ocean – SMRC No.-12

-RamaRao Y.V., Prasad K.

SAARC Meteorological Research Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2005, pp.123                                                                        



Acc  No. SMRC-14




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