Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library

September - 2010





Climate Change 2nd Ed.

- Pittock B.A., Earthscan, U.K., 2009, pp.350


Acc. No.7755



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Acc. No.7756


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Acc. No.7757


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Acc. No.7758


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Acc. No.7759


Basic of Atmospheric Science

- Chandrasekar A.

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Acc. No.7760-7764


Climate Capitalism - Global Warming and the Transformation of the Global Economy

- Newell P. and Peterson M

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Acc. No.7765


Climate Change and Agriculture over India

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Acc. No.7766-7770


Climate Change and Forests - Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities

-Streck C., O'Sullivan R. Edts.

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Acc. No.7771


Earth and Atmospheric Disasters Managements
- Natural and Man-made

- Navale P., Rajan, C.K.

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Acc. No.7772


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Acc. No.7773


Renewable Energy and Climate Change

- Quaschning V.

(Translated by: Hedy Jourdan)

- John Wiley and Sons Ltd., U.K., 2010, pp.308

Acc. No.7774


Space Weather - The Physics Behind a Slogan

- Scherer K., Fichtner H., Heber B., Mall U. Eds.

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Acc. No.7775


Uncertainty Analysis in Rainfall-Runoff Modelling: Application of Machine Learning Techniques

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Acc. No.7776


New Horizons in Occultation Research - Studies in Atmosphere and Climate

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Acc. No.7777


Air Pollution Control

- Mahajan S.P.

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Acc. No.7778


Dealing with Climate Change - Setting a Global Agenda for Mitigation and Adaptation

- Pachauri R.K. Edt.

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Acc. No.7779


Ecological Meltdown - Impact of unchecked Human Growth the Earth's Natural Systems

-Srivastav A., Srivastav S.

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Acc. No.7780


Environment Emergency - Exploring Solutions for a Sustainable Future

- The Energy and Resources Institute

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Acc. No.7781


Making Sense of Climate Change - A beginner's Guide to Global Warming

-Saikia R.

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Acc. No. 7782


Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere

- Ambaum M.H.P.

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Acc. No. 7783

Annual Report


61st Annual Report 2008-2009

-       University of Pune, Pune, 2010, pp.296

Acc.No. AR-04