Publications Added in I.I.T.M. Library

September 2014 




Atmospheric Radiation : A Primer with Illustrative Solution

 - Coakley, J., Yang, P.

- Wiley-VCH, Germany, 2014, pp.239


Acc. No. 8317



Climate Change and Agriculture over India

- Rao, Prasada G.S.L.H.V., Rao, G.G.S.N., Rao, V.U.M. edt.

- PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, 2010, pp.328

Acc. No. 8318



Climate Modelling Primer - 4 th Ed. 

- McGuffie, K., Henderson-Sellers, A.

- Wiley Blackwell, U.K., 2014, pp.439

Acc. No. 8319



Handbook of the Weather

- Mccall, G.

- Amber Books Ltd, U.K., 2003, pp.192


Acc. No. 8320



Havamanshastra (in Marathi) [Climatology]

- Rathod, H., Waghmare, J., Waghmare,N.

- Diamond Publications, Pune, 2013, pp.330


Acc. No. 8321



Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology 5th Ed.

- Holton, J. R. and Hakim, G.J.

- Academic Press, U.S.A., 2013, pp.532


Acc. No. 8322




Weather: Learn all about the World's Weather from Tropical Storms to Turbulent Twisters and how Global Warming is Changing our planet.

- Owers, K.

- Dorling Kindersley Ltd., New York, 2008, pp.264

Acc. No. 8323


Instrumentation and Metrology in Oceanography

- Menn, Marc Le.

- Wiley, U.S.A., 2012, pp.393 

Acc. No. 8324


Air Pollution and Global Warming: History, Science, and Solutions 2nd ed.

- Jacobson, M.Z.

- Cambridge University Press, U.S.A., 2012, pp.375 

Acc. No. 8325

Land Surface Observation, Modeling and Data Assimilation
- Liang, S., Li x., Xie.X. edt.
- World Scientific Pub. Co. Pvt. Ltd., London, 2013, pp.466

Acc. No. 8326

GIS Based Chemical Fate Modeling : Principles and Applications
- Pistocchi, A.
- Wiley, Canada, 2014, pp.486

Acc. No. 8327

Introduction to Ocean Remote Sensing 2nd Ed.
- Martin,S.
- Cambridge University Press, U.S.A., 2014, pp.496

Acc. No.8328

 Summer Internship Report for M.Sc. Environmental Science Project
- Gaur, Ayushi
- Internship Report Submitted for First Year M.Sc., Institute of Environmental Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune Project Work Carried out at I.I.T.M.,Pune, 2014, pp.14
* Under the Guidance of: Dr. Nandargi,S.S., IITM, & Dr.Yardi,Kranti, Professor, BVIEER.

Acc. No. M.Sc.- 53