International Workshop on
Prediction skill of extreme Precipitation events and tropical cyclones:
Present status and future Prospect (IP4)
& Annual Climate Change Workshop
25th-28th Novermber 2019
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune


Presentations of IP4 Workshop


25th November 2019
Name Title of the Presentation Download or view presentation pdf
Prof. Graeme Stephens How bad will future rains be? Some reason to expect progress view
Prof. Ravi S. Nanjundiah Unified Parameterization of Moist Convective Processes in a GCM – Few findings from CRM and LES view
Dr. Peter Bechtold Simplistic view of convection and waves in the IFS and in the Indian Ocean view
Dr. Ken Mylne Ensemble forecasting for high-impact weather, with emphasis on India view
Dr. Yuejian Zhu An Assessment of Predictability and Prediction of FV3 GEFS for Extreme Event and Uncertainty view
Prof. Tim Palmer Stochastic Parametrisation and Extreme Rainfall Prediction view
Dr. Kazuo Saito LETKF Perturbations by Ensemble Transform in a Cloud Resolving Model view
26th November 2019
Prof. David A. Randall A new framework for convection parameterizations view
Prof. Kerry Emanuel Toward advanced probabilistic forecasting of tropical cyclone conditions view
Dr. Georg A. Grell NWP Prediction at ESRL/GSD: Development of physics parameterizations for global and reginal modeling view
Dr. Boualem Khouider A Unified Shallow-Deep Mass-Flux Convective Parameterization Using a Stochastic Multicloud Plume Model view
Dr. Wei-Kuo Tao Goddard Mesoscale Model Simulations of Impact Weather Systems view
Dr. Roberto Buizza Ensembles: invaluable tools to predict extremes view
Dr. Atul Kumar Sahai Development of Extended Range Prediction System for Tropical Cyclones, Extreme Rainfall Events and monsoon active spells view
Dr. Arindam Chakraborty Interaction Between Extreme Rainfall and Quasi-periodic Components of Monsoon view
Dr. Jimy Dudhia Large-eddy simulation of idealized hurricanes at different sea surface temperatures view
27th November 2019
Prof. Graeme Stephens Some Thoughts on Cloud-convection feedbacks view
Prof. Song-You Hong A non-hydrostatic spectral-element dynamic core for global weather forecasting view
Prof. G S Bhat Wind Extremes over Indian  Landmass view
Dr. Ziad S. Haddad Using information in satellite passive microwave radiances, with or without geostationary IR, to improve analysis and forecasting of convective storms view
Dr. Shoichi SHIGE The Importance of Warm-Rain Processes in Heavy Rainfall Events: Lessons Learned from the Development of Satellite Rainfall Retrievals view
Dr. P. A. Francis Intense Rainfall Events in the West Coast of India view
Dr. E N Rajagopal Tropical Cyclone Prediction Current Status and Future Roadmaps view
Dr. U. C. Mohanty Recent Developments in Prediction of Tropical Cyclones over North Indian Ocean view
Dr. Partha Mukhopadhyay Recent Developments in short range forecasting, challenges and future roadmaps view
Dr. Lucas Harris S2S prediction of tropical cyclones and the MJO at GFDL view
28th November 2019
Dr. C M Kishtawal Heavy Rainfall Prediction Using Satellite Observations view
Dr. R. Krishnan Understanding the Indian monsoon response to anthropogenic GHG and aerosol forcing: Lessons learned view
Prof. Kerry Emanuel Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change: TC Risk in India view
Dr. Satish Shenoi Interannual/decadal variability of South tropical Indian Ocean: natural vs. forced Response view
Dr. Parmanand Sharma Himalayan Cryosphere in a changing climate of India view
Dr. E N Rajagopal Heavy Rainfall Prediction Current Status and the Future view