Presentations of Monsoon Mission Discussion Meetings

4th December 2019
Name Title of the Presentation Download or view presentation pdf
J. Srinivasan Modulation of Indian monsoon by water vapor and cloud feedback over the past 22,000 year view
Contribution of Intra-Seasonal Variability to Inter-Annual Variability of the Monsoon view
Dr. A. K. Sahai Problems and prospects in Extended Range Prediction of Monthly Extremes, monsoon active/break spells and Tropical Cyclones, view
Dr. Erik Swenson Monsoon teleconnections and impact of correcting tropical diabatic heating view
Dr. Partha Mukhopadhyay Developments of moist process physics parameterization in CFS/GFS view
Dr. David M. Straus Correcting tropical diabatic heating in CFSv2 view
Prof. Adam Sobel Multiple perspectives on the monsoon view
Prof. G. S. Bhat Convection and parameterization view
Prof. Ravi Nanjundiah Modelling the Monsoon view
Prof. Sulochana Gadgil Traditional definition of the monsoon view
5th December 2019
Dr. A. K. Mitra Indian Monsoon Rainfall: ENSO, IOD and EQUINOO in NCMRWF Global Coupled System view
Dr. Abhilash S. Monitoring of extremes over Indian Region on short, extended and seasonal scale: Identification of key physical processes and its representation in Models view
Dr. C. Gnanaseelan Representation of Tropical Indian Ocean in CFSv2 and the possible impacts on the monsoon teleconnections view
Dr. O. P. Sreejith Long Range Forecasts & Verification of 2019 Southwest Monsoon Rainfall Forecast view
Dr. Subodh Saha Understanding the Interactions Between Monsoon and Land Surface Processes view
Dr. Suryachandra Rao Monsoon Mission: Seasonal Prediction Efforts at IITM view
Dr. Arindam Chakraborty Importance of Land Surface Processes in Simulating the Mean Rainfall view
Prof. Gadgil view
Prof. Adam Sobel A couple of simple exploratory calculations & very preliminary results view
Prof. V. K. Dadhwal Land Cover/Land Use Change monitoring with Earth Observation and Land Surface Characterization view
17th December 2019
Dr. S. Vishnu The Hunt for Lows and Depressions - Assessing Low Pressure System Activity in Observations and Models view
Dr. A. K. Sahai Synoptic Scale Systems and Extended Range Prediction view
Dr. D. S. Pai Contribution of Lows and Depressions to Summer Monsoon Rainfall view
Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay Model fidelity & Simple energetics based study on Monsoon Lows and Depressions view
Dr. Sunitha Devi Nature of Synoptic scale systems – southwest monsoon view
Dr. Suryachandra Rao Structure, Characteristics and Simulation of Monsoon low-pressure systems in CFSv2 coupled model view
Prof. William Boos Fundamental dynamics of monsoon depressions view
Prof. William Boos Using simple energy inputs to understand tropical rainfall shifts view
Prof. William Boos How topography creates strong monsoons: Elevated heating & orographic insulation view