Cloud Aerosol Interaction and
Precipitation Enhancement Experiment

Generalized Daily Operation Routine

The daily routine is controlled, guided and monitored by the Operation Director, who is the senior scientists from the IITM / participating institutions. Summary of the daily operations is as follows.

  • Operations start up with early monitoring of forecasting charts, soundings, overnight radar pictures, etc.
  • Daily briefing including forecast, equipment status, scientific strategy for the day's operations, debrief on key issues of previous day operations, weekly recap on overall progress toward observational goals or quotas, etc.
  • Expected sequence: 8.30 a.m. weather briefing, past operation's de-briefing equipment status, strategy for current day.
  • Declaration of start or stop the operation: Operation Director, is deciding the operation, taking in to consideration the forecast information, equipment status, crew status and scientific needs.
  • Designating a down day's to be done ~ 24 hours or more in advance, based upon forecast information, overall needs of the project, overall personnel needs for rest time.
  • Providing documentation of daily key functions for archival : Forecaster to provide forecast materials for digital archive; Operation Director will supervise the maintenance of routine logs;
  • Flight scientists is maintaining flight logs.

Flight strategies overview

Flight operations are undertaken to accomplish a range of observation needs including:

  • Instrumentation tests and Intercomparison.
  • Ambient aerosol research survey flights
  • Cloud and aerosol research flights

Instrument Flight Tests: Instrument tests are carried out regularly

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