Cloud Aerosol Interaction and
Precipitation Enhancement Experiment

Project Operation Management

Responsible for day to day direction of routine operations, logistics, tracking of facilities status, support to facilitate operations and maintenance, support to project personnel, and other tasks.

Field-Phase Research and Case Study Analysis

Responsible for ongoing data processing and analysis as needed to assure progress toward scientific goals of the project. This work is especially important in guiding changes to research objectives and observation strategies.


Responsible for collection of all the related forecasts and observations (NWP forecasts, soundings, satellite observations, etc.), and making the material available to the project scientists for online and permanent archival.


Responsible for assembling and updating relevant material defining the climatology of clouds, rainfall, storm types, surface conditions and other relevant meteorological characteristics across the project domain. Climatological information will include statistical information defining both the typical values and the variability of these characteristics. It is also important to capture information describing the expected inter-seasonal variations or trends of these characteristics.

Flight Operations

Job involves complex activities which directly call upon the skills and efforts of many of the key functions defined above and requires to coordinate the activities of the project staff.

Radar Data Interpretation and Operation Support

Responsible for

1) real-time monitoring and interpretation of observations and derived products from the radars and
2) ongoing assessment of data quality and support for archival of radar derived products.

Data Management

Responsible for coordinating quality-check, documentation and archival of data.

Network Management

Responsible for setup and maintenance of webpage. Also provide operational support for networks, servers, web pages, application-software and other computing facilities serving the operations. Maintenance of Instruments and Other Facilities Responsible for maintenance, and calibration of air-born instruments.

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