Cloud Aerosol Interaction and
Precipitation Enhancement Experiment


WMO Recommendations

Thirteenth World Meteorological Congress in May 1999 noted the emerging new aspects of weather modification and its application to water resource management. Impending water stresses for two-thirds of the world population were cited by the year 2025. It was noted that weather modification techniques need to be more fully understood and developed to establish if they can contribute to the management of the world's water resources. The meteorological community must be prepared to offer advice on the efficacy of cloud seeding. It is important to note that although promising results have been obtained with hygroscopic seeding, some fundamental questions remain that need to be answered in order to provide a sound scientific basis for this technology (WMO Report 1999).

The above three factors prompted us to take up a multi-year programme for cloud, aerosol observations and cloud seeding. With this view "Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment (CAIPEEX)" has been planned. It is national programme with participation from different research and governmental organizations.

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