Cloud Aerosol Interaction and
Precipitation Enhancement Experiment


The success of field operations for cloud physics research and cloud seeding relies upon closely coordinated use of human resources and research facilities. IITM is the nodal agency for the programme and will coordinate the activities in collaboration with participating institutions. Various committees are formed for carrying out the job.

National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee (NSC) consists of atmospheric scientists, experts in aviation department and government officials. The committee's main activities are:

  1. Defining and prioritizing scientific goals
  2. Overall coordination among participating Indian national organizations,
  3. Assessing progress towards these goals,
  4. Assigning resources and responsibilities directed toward field-phase data analysis, and
  5. Other tasks (such as help in getting permissions from various government agencies) needed to assure progress toward scientific objectives.
The members of the committee are:

  1. Dr. D. R. Sikka Retd. Director IITM, Chairman
  2. Dr. Ajit Tyagi DGM, IMD
  3. Prof. B. N. Goswami Director, IITM
  4. Dr. R. R. Kelkar Retd. DGM
  5. Dr. Swati Basu Scientist G / Advisor, MoES
  6. Dr. V. Mudkavi Scientist NAL
  7. Dr. C.B.S. Dutt Dy. Programme Director, ISRO
  8. Dr. Manikiam Scientist ISRO
  9. Dr. M. Sarin Scientist PRL
  10. Prof. G.S. Bhat Chairman, CAOS IISC
  11. Dr. K. Krishnamoorthy Scientist SPL
  12. Prof. P. V. Joseph Retd. Prof. CUSAT
  13. Dr. P. Pradeep Kumar Reader. UoP

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