Hindi Fortnight-2019

Hindi Fortnight-2019 was celebrated at IITM during 13-27 September 2019. Director, IITM Shri Ravi S. Nanjundiah inaugurated the programme. During the fortnight many competitions for IITM employees were organized such as – essay competition, quiz, noting & drafting competition, solo-song competition etc. Many employees of the institute had participated in these competitions. A play named “Hamesha der kar deta hun main” was also arranged and was performed by Ambrosia Theater Group, Mumbai. The theme of the play was based on current problem of religion and separation in Kashmir. An ‘Akhil Bhaarteeya Kavi Sammelan’ was also organized on this occasion in which five poets of national repute were invited from different parts of the country to entertain the employees of the institute. The fortnight was concluded with a talk of the chief guest Shri Himanshu Shekhar, Director (Admin.) of DRDO-ARDE. During the ceremony, prizes and gifts were distributed to all the winners and participants respectively.