Seasonal Prediction


  • To develop an Indian model based on CFS coupled model for seasonal prediction of monsoon over Indian region. (It is a part of Monsoon mission.)
  • To implement Assimilation Modules at IITM and to perform experimental assimilation of ocean and atmospheric data.
  • To carry out research for better understanding of monsoon coupled ocean-land-atmosphere interactions using observational datasets and diagnostics of coupled ocean – atmosphere model.
  • To improve prediction skill for both summer (SW) and winter (NE) monsoon over Indian region by improving the parameterization schemes of the model and replacing different modules in the system.
  • To transfer the model to IMD for operational forecast of Indian monsoon.
  • To develop Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) system for monsoon prediction.
  • Implementation of coupled data assimilation to seasonal prediction system.
  • Develop application for sectors like agriculture, hydrology, dam management, wind energy using seasonal prediction model