Extended Range Prediction


  • To study the monsoon variability over different spatio-temporal scales.
  • To study the air-sea interaction associated with monsoon intra-seasonal oscillations.
  • To carry out basic research in understanding complex atmospheric/oceanic processes and model parameterization schemes in order to improve the forecast skills using global and regional dynamical models.
  • To evaluate the simulation of global climate and monsoon climate by the coupled model and diagnosis of systematic bias.
  • To develop a system for prediction of the intraseasonal oscillations of Indian summer monsoon that involve the onset, progression, active/break spells, and its withdrawal, on extended range (2-3 weeks in advance).
  • To develop methods for extended range prediction of severe  weather, i.e. heavy rainfall events, heat wave, cold wave, cyclone etc. 
  • To develop methods for the extended range prediction beyond southwest monsoon season (pre-monsoon, post-monsoon, winter etc.).
  • To develop bias correction techniques for improving the extended range prediction skill.
  • To develop downscaling techniques using empirical models to improve the extended range prediction skill.
  • To develop dedicated manpower to take up research challenges to improve quality of forecast.
  • To generate various application oriented forecast products.