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Program for Development of Skilled manpower in ESS (DESK) launched
Program for Development of Skilled manpower in Earth System Sciences (DESK) has been launched to create a large pool of trained and dedicated multidisciplinary earth system and climate research manpower in the country. DESK will act for developing skill for meeting the research and application requirements of MoES.

The major activities will include:

  • Organize courses (of short, medium and intermediate duration) for training at basic as well as advanced level for scientists at all levels focusing on the research objectives of MoES institutions.
  • Organize and conduct the MoES Research Fellow Program (MRFP) with nationwide selection process, training for one-to-two semesters duration, allotment of research fellows to various MoES institutes.
  • Organize course (of short, medium duration) on specific or targeted areas for skilled manpower development within and outside MoES by conducting short term schools and workshops.