India Radar Meteorology Conference iRAD2019 at IITM


To promote the Radar Meteorology in India and to provide a platform for an interaction between academia, research institutes and industry, the Third Conference on India Radar Meteorology (iRAD2019) will be held during January 09-12, 2019 at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune.

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iRAD-2019 will primarily debate on and encourages submission of abstracts in the following topics:

1. Radar calibration, quality control techniques, operational radar networks.
2. Applications of radar data in Meteorology, Hydrology and Urban planning.
3. Microphysical studies and Dual-polarization observations.
4. Severe weather observations and storm electrification.
5. Quantitative precipitation estimation.
6. Millimeter wavelength radars for cloud observations.
7. Wind profiling radars.
8. Use of radar data in NWP models.

To train young researchers and students in the field of Radar Meteorology, iRAD2019 organizes one-day short-term course
on “Weather radars for Microphysics of clouds and precipitation”.

Lectures by:
Prof. V. Chandrasekar, CSU - Role and comparison of S, C and X band radars
Dr. Lynn McMurdie, Univ Washington - Orographic precipitation
Dr. Rob Cifelli, NOAA/NWS - Radar applications