National Training Workshop On: Climate impacts of carbonaceous Aerosols and Measurements (NT-CCAM)


Date: 04 - 07 December 2023

Venue: IITM, Pune

Application closing date: 09th Nov, 2023

Application Link:


कार्यशाला में कार्बनयुक्त एरोसोल (जमीन, गुब्बारे और विमान प्लेटफार्मों में) की विभिन्न माप तकनीकों, विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में उनकी सांद्रता, उनकी संरचना और विकिरण बल के संदर्भ में उनके जलवायु प्रभावों को संबोधित करने का प्रस्ताव है। कक्षाओं के साथ-साथ, विभिन्न उपकरणों और एक-आयामी मॉडल पर व्यावहारिक प्रशिक्षण भी दिया जाएगा। 


The carbonaceous aerosols influence the climate by altering the earth’s radiation budget. The major carbonaceous aerosols include Elemental carbon (EC), Black carbon (BC), Brown carbon (Brc) and organic carbon (OC). While the former three aerosols are majorly absorbing in nature, the latter one has both scattering and absorbing character. Out of these BC is considered as the second most global warming agent after CO2. However, the present-day awareness about these aerosols is limited. Hence it is proposed to organize a 4-day workshop for early carrier research fellows/Master students on the aspect of climate impact of carbonaceous aerosols mainly focusing on its measurements techniques.


The workshop is proposed to address the different measurement techniques of carbonaceous aerosols (In ground, balloon and aircraft platforms), their concentration in different regions, their compositions and their climate impacts in terms of radiative forcing.  Along with classes, hands on training on different equipment’s and one-dimensional radiative transfer modules will also be given.


This workshop would focus on key and emerging topics regarding physical, chemical, and radiative impacts of carbonaceous aerosols. The workshop themes will cover the measurement aspects of carbonaceous aerosols. The format of this workshop will include lectures, field visit to Mahabaleshwar HACPL laboratory training and hands on training to radiative transfer modules.