11th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification
(3-7 November 2025)



11th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification

(Pune, India, 3-7 November 2025)

The Eleventh WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification will be held at IITM Pune, India during 3-7 November 2025

The Conference is being organized in the following main areas:

a) Weather Modification Research and the study of cloud and precipitation processes
b) Operational weather modification projects, methods, outcome, and their scientific assessments
c) Weather Modification, and the physical and socio-economic environment aspects


Specific sessions will be conducted for

  • Observational studies
  • Field measurements
  • Laboratory Studies
  • Modelling studies
  • Emerging Technologies for weather modification/ weather forecasting
  • Decision support systems and nowcasting towards Weather management
  • Advanced statistical methods, including data-driven models, AI/ML
  • Physical, environmental, and socio-economic aspects, ethical aspects
  • Operational cloud seeding
  • Climate Intervention Research, Stakeholders /policymakers perception and demands


Online submission of abstracts will be available through the IITM website.

Both oral and poster presentations are solicited.