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Change in IITM visitor policy
Following are the policy for visiting IITM, Pune campus

1. Maximum up to 10 visitors are allowed in a day in the campus (after following COVID protocol) for visiting our Institute / Institute's Laboratories.

2. This number restriction is currently in effect until February, 2021.

3. If there is any change after that, it will be updated in the website.

4. Interested employees/students/labs/groups/visitors are requested to submit their requisition through proper channel.

5. There is no guarantee that permission will be granted for each request.

6. All visitors should enter at the Main Gate.

Kindly send your request to: 

Chairman, Visitor's Secretarial committee (Contact for arrangement of visit):

Mr. Raju Mandal 
Phone: 25904912
Mobile No. 8999121679


Dr. Rashmi Kakatkar