Workshop: Eddy Covariance and GHG Flux Estimation, Nov 7-12, 2016

A workshop on "Eddy Covariance and GHG Flux Estimation" was organised at IITM during Nov 7-12, 2016. The objective of this workshop was to train young people involved in different aspects of Green House Gases(GHG) studies such as, green house gas emission in crops, high frequency Eddy Covariance data, agroforestry and sustainability, surface energy flux, net ecosystem exchange etc.
About 20 JRF and early career scientists from across the country participated in this workshop. Two eminent scientists specialised in Micro and Boundary Layer meteorology, Prof. K.T. Paw U, University of California at Davis and Dr. George Burga, Licor Biosciences, USA participated as resource person. Additionally Dr. Anand Karipot, SPPU delivered a few lectures and demonstrated the use of various micrometeorological sensors to the participants.