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Dr. R. Krishnan, Acting Director, IITM elected as Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences 2017

Dr. R. Krishnan, Acting Director, IITM  has been elected as a prestigious Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences 2017.

Since the inception of  Indian Academy of Sciences  in the year 1934, nearly 2000 of the leading  scientists of India (as well as some from outside India) have been elected Fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences. Along with the other academies of the country,  Indian Academy of Sciences  plays a major role in furthering the cause of science in the country.  Accordingly, Fellows of the Academy not only act as  spokespersons for their disciplines, but also for science.

The Academy publishes 10 scientific journals on different  subjects. Every year two meetings are held; the mid-year  meeting in July, usually held in Bengaluru, and an annual meeting held around November in different parts of the country.   Apart from this, the Academy also organizes several discussion meetings on important topics of scientific interest. Detailed information of these activities is available on official website of the Academy.

In order to encourage talented young scientists, the Academy  has a programme of selecting a few outstanding among them as Associates each year. The Academy also has an extensive and active science education programme in which the Fellowship and  the scientific community of the country play an important role.