Development of Skilled Manpower in Earth System Sciences (DESK)

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Program for Development of Skilled Manpower in Earth System Sciences (DESK)   
For serving the nation in various researches, development and applications in the Earth System Sciences such as Weather and Climate, Forecast of Monsoon, Ocean services, monitoring and research on geo-cryo-polar sciences, development of technological advancement for observing atmosphere, ocean and other major branches of the earth systems, MoES and its centers require skilled manpower to readily undertake the responsibility on research, operational and observational fronts. With this mandate Program for Development of Skilled manpower in Earth System Sciences (DESK) has been launched to create a large pool of trained and dedicated multidisciplinary earth system and climate research manpower in the country with in-depth hands on expertise on individual physical processes of the land, ocean, atmosphere, biosphere and cryosphere with special emphasis on climate modeling.  
DESK will act for developing skill for meeting the research and application requirements of MoES. The conventional university education in earth sciences requires further bridging of gaps between the various disciplines in order to develop skills among students to readily undertake the research and operational objectives of MoES centers and institutes. DESK will act as a centralized training facility through pooling of resources, infrastructure and faculties across all MoES institutes and academic units.