Library Rules

Working Hours

  • The library is kept open on all working days of the IITM from 930 hrs to 1800 hrs.
  • The library remains closed on all public and national holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and any other holidays declared by the Central Government or the IITM from time to time.
  • The counter transactions i.e., issue and returns of publications are done during 1000 to 1300 hrs and 1400 to 1730 hrs.
  • Changes, if any, in the above timings will be notified from time to time.

Library Membership

  • The Membership of the library is open free of cost to all the regular employees of the IITM and IMD, Pune, Members of the IITM Governing Council, Research Fellows/ Research Associates of the IITM and Students of M.Tech./M.Sc.(Atmospheric Science), S.P. Pune University, Pune.
  • The Membership of the library will be given to the regular employees of the IITM and IMD, Pune after receipt of their appointment letter issued by their respective Institutions. Others will have to submit the ‘Library Membership Form’ available in the library/on IITM Intranet site  stating there-in the full credentials of the applicant with expected duration for the use of the Membership and specific purpose of the use of the IITM library. It is mandatory for the students to submit the ‘library membership form’ which includes self-explanatory undertaking singed by the students as well authority of affiliated institute/ organization.
  • The Membership is also open for the Retired employees of the IITM for a specific period after ensuring their adequate accountability for the publications and services of the library. Such Memberships are made available at the discretion of the Director, IITM on payment of Membership fees. The intending persons have to submit the necessary application form for the Membership available in the Library.
  • The Membership is open to others at the discretion of Director, IITM against their specific request.
  • The Members other than the IITM regular employees, Research Fellows/Associates etc. will have to produce their Identity cards/ letter of permission at the issue counter, whenever demanded.
  • Annual Membership fee per Member will include a refundable deposit without interest of Rs. 1000.00 and non-refundable maintenance and handling charges of Rs. 100.00.
  • Result of M.Tech./M.Sc. Atmospheric Science Students of the S.P. Pune University will be held up till the receipt of ' No Dues Certificate' issued by the IITM Library.

Admission to Library

  • A person desirous of using the library has to enter his/her name, address, time (in and out) and put his/her signature in the register kept for the purpose at the entrance of the library.
  • Personal belongings such as publications, bags, brief cases, boxes, umbrellas, mobile phones, portable computers, floppies, CDs and such other articles brought by any of the Members including IITM Members are to be left on the rack kept for the purpose at the entrance of the library at their own risk.

Loan Privileges

  • Only the regular employees of the IITM/ IMD, Pune, Research Fellows/Associates, Short Term Contractual employee of the IITM, M.Tech./M.Sc. Students of the S.P. Pune University and paid Members are entitled to borrow the library publications. Others are entitled only to use the reading room and reference facility of the library.
  • The number of publications, which the Members are entitled to borrow are as follows:
Sr. No. Designation 

No. of Publications

Director As per requirement
2 Scientists H /F Scientists E / Scientists D / Scientists C / Scientists B / Junior Scientific Officer and Equivalents to all the above Grades from other categories 10  Publications
3 Senior Scientific Assistant / Scientific Assistants / Junior Scientific Assistantsand Equivalents to all the above grades from other categories 6  Publications
4 IITM Research Associate  6  Publications
5 IITM Research Fellow (registered for Ph.D.)  4  Publications
6 Others   Publications


  • Publications are generally issued only for a specific period of 30 days to all the categories of library users including faculty members of all the courses run by the Institute. These publications must be returned or renewed, if not reserved by other Members, on or before the due date last stamped on the date slip of each publication. If any publication is required for urgent use, it would be recalled back to library at any time.
  • Intimation to return or renewal of publication/s by e-mail or any other such sources is not the mandatory service, it is an add-on service rendering by the library. It is user’s responsibility to return/renew the publication on or before the due date. 
  • No publication would be issued without submission of the duly filled in and signed issue slip by the borrower, separately for each publication at the issue counter.
  • On return of publications it is the responsibility of the borrower to collect the duly cancelled his/her respective issue slips from the issue counter staff.
  • Rare books, reference books, loose issues of journals, reports, databases, theses, maps, atlases and other reference material are not issued for use outside the library. However, in emergency cases the Members are allowed to borrow such kinds of publications for short duration not exceeding overnight, at the discretion of the Head of the Library. Digital Media Resources (CDs/DVDs etc..)will be issued only for the use in the office during 1000-1750 hrs. Those are to be returned on the same day before 1730 hrs. Each Member will be entitled to borrow only one Digital Resource at a time.
  • New publications after their accessioning are first displayed for a period of one month in a separate bookcase specially labeled as NEW ARRIVALS and then released for issue.
  • Members are allowed to reserve the publications they desire to borrow which are displayed under NEW ARRIVALS or issued to other members by filling in the Reservation Slip available at the issue counter. The issue counter staff will intimate the concerned members about the availability of publications for issue. The issue of such publications is made on first come first served basis.

Overdue Publications

  • No overdue publications are renewed over telephone or through any kind of message/letter. The publications are to be presented physically at the issue counter for renewal.
  • Overdue charge is Re. 1/- per day per publication. For the overnight issued publications the overdue charge is Rs. 10/- per day. The monthly statement in respect of every Member of the Institute will be sent to the Accounts Section for recovery.
  • Members other than the IITM Members have to pay the overdue charges in cash at the issue counter. Receipt for such payments will be given immediately.
  • If any Member fails to return the overnight issued publication within a week the case will be put up to the Director for necessary action.
  • If any Member fails to return the regular publication(s), library will issue a reminder after one month from the due date and then the case will be put up to Director for necessary action.

Loss of publications

  • If any of the borrowed publications is not returned within three months from the due date then it will be presumed that the publication(s) is (are) lost and a notice will be issued giving two weeks’ time for replacement failing which recovery will be made.
  • The borrower must replace a copy of the latest edition of the said publication(s), if available. Otherwise latest price as per the publisher's price list of the said publication(s) plus 10% of the cost of the publication or Rs. 100.00 whichever is more will be recovered from him/her.
  • If the publication(s) is (are) out of print, three times of price of the latest known edition of the publication(s) would be recovered from the borrower.
  • In case of loss of loose issue(s) of journals, the issue(s) has (have) to be replaced or cost of entire volume will be recovered from the borrower. In case of multi-volume publications the lost volume has to be replaced. If the individual volume is not available then cost of the entire set will be recovered from the borrower.
  • A number of publications contain digital media (CDs, DVDs. etc.)or maps, slides, etc. which form an essential part of the publications. If these things are lost or damaged, the borrower must replace the publication along with the original copy of the respective contents. If the borrower fails to replace the copy the latest cost of the publication plus 10% of the cost of the publication or Rs. 100.00 whichever is more will be recovered from him/her.
  • In case of unpriced publication the borrower must replace it by an original copy. Otherwise the library would recover three times of its photocopying charges as per the prevailing photocopying charges at the IITM.

Interlibrary Loan Facility

  • If the publications required by any Member are not available in the IITM library, those can be obtained from other libraries on interlibrary loan basis. The intending Member has to submit an application mentioning there-in complete bibliographic details of the required publications.
  • Publication(s) obtained on interlibrary loan is (are) issued to the intending Member for a period of not more than one week or less as stipulated by the lending library. The Member must return the publication(s) on or before the due date. The overdue charges charged by the lending library are to be paid by the concerned Member.
  • If the publication(s) borrowed on interlibrary loan is (are) lost by the Member(s) for whom the publication(s) is(are) borrowed, the respective Member(s) will have to follow the rules of the lending library for the recovery of the publication(s) / cost.

Request for Acquisition of Publications

  • Members from the IITM may suggest for acquisition of all kinds of publications in the form of duly filled in Suggestion Forms available on intranet or at the issue counter of the library or through e-mail. These suggestions are put up before the Library Committee for their purchase. The library arranges acquisition of the recommended publications after obtaining Director's approval.

Supply of Photocopies

  • Photocopying facility for the research purpose will be available on payment at the rate of Re.1/- per photocopy of A4 size. The request is to be submitted in the duly filled in Photocopy Requisition Form available at the issue counter of the library. Photocopies can be collected from the issue counter by paying the appropriate charges, receipt for which will be issued immediately by the issue counter staff.
  • No photocopy of any publication will be provided in full or part, which violates the national or international Copyright Act.

General Rules

  • All the Members and the users must observe silence in the library.
  • Smoking, sleeping, gossiping, bringing objectionable materials or any unethical acts are not allowed in or near the library premises.
  • While leaving the reading table, readers should leave the publication(s) on the table itself; they should not replace the publication(s) on the shelves.
  • No user shall write/make markings on or fold/damage the pages of any publications of the library.
  • Whenever, any Member leaves on long tour, leave or transfer exceeding one month he/she should return to the library all the borrowed publications.
  • No Member shall sub-lend the publications borrowed by him/her to others.
  • All the Members must return the publication(s) borrowed by them to the library, when called for by the library for physical verification or for any other purpose.
  • Before borrowing publications on loan the Member should check the condition of the publication(s). If the publication(s) is (are) found in damaged or mutilated condition it may immediately be brought to the notice of the issue counter staff. If the publication(s) is (are) found in damaged or mutilated condition after the return, the Member will be held responsible for the damage and he/she will have to replace the same by a new copy or to pay the prevailing replacement cost of the publication(s).
  • Any user violating the rules of the library shall be liable to forfeit the privileges of the library services.
  • The Administration Division must ensure that "No Dues" certificate is issued by the library in respect of employees of the IITM/IMD, Pune and Research Fellows/Associates/ Short term contractual employees of the IITM on account of their transfer on deputation/posting in other organization, resignation, retirement, superannuation, termination of the service, etc.

The Director and/or the Library Committee can cancel or modify suitably any or all the Library Rules.

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