IITM Acedemic Cell: Norms

Norms for Guides:
  • Summer internship program will be initiated every year during 1st week of March. Academic Cell will issue the circular for willingness of interested Guides seeking their topic of interest for guiding summer students (with an upper limit of two students per Supervisor/Guide).
  • The Guides can communicate their willingness for guide ship for students i.e. Project student/ M.Sc./M.Tech/ Engineering/ summer internship etc. by email to Academic Cell after obtaining prior consent and approval by the concerned Program Director.


Norms for Students:

1. A maximum 30 students will be admitted for pursuing the summer internship programs at IITM. All the requests would be processed through Academic Cell for necessary approval of Director.

2.The form (which will be available on IITM website under Academic Cell) is required to be filled-up by the student and submitted along with their CV and recommendation of head of the Department of the University/college/Institution etc. to Academic cell (Hard and Soft copy) for further necessary action such as requirement of accommodation, ID cards etc.. For funding issues, summer internship students are required to secure the financial support from their own Institution. There will be one window system for smooth functioning.

3. If required, the accommodation of students (Approx. 30 Numbers) will be arranged by IITM, in ‘IITM-IMD Hostel, Pashan, Pune’.

4. It is mandatory to submit a copy (soft & hard) of Project Report/Thesis, along with a completion report, after completion of the project/research work to the Academic Cell and IITM Library through Guide.

5. Printing of any kind of theses/dissertation/project –internship report etc. on IITM printer will not be allowed.

6. Prior permission has to be taken by the student for extension of accommodation in hostel through a request letter recommended by guide and forwarded through Academic Cell. The intimation to Academic cell is mandatory before leaving the IITM and hostel Campus.

7. Project students (summer project/M.Tech./M.Sc. etc.) are not entitled for medical facility from IITM. However in case of emergency/brief sickness (First-Aid, Fever, Cough Cold, injury etc.) IITM dispensary may provide the medical consultancy/physiotherapy consultancy free of cost to the respective student through a request put up through respective guides.

8. The approval for attending training/conference/workshop by the Ph.D. students, strictly after completion of the first common coursework of six months, will be processed through the academic cell only after the strong recommendation and justification received from the respective guide with the assurance of not disturbing the academic program. The recommendation will depend on financial commitment routed through the guide - academic cell - Sr. Manager- Accounts – Director. The ‘report of achievements’ also should be submitted through Academic Cell to Director.

9. All the Ph.D. students applications to any UGC recommended University within India will be processed through Academic Cell to Establishment section for further action.

10. The information related to every students who is studying in IITM will be displayed on IITM website i.e. names of student pursuing Ph. D., M.Tech., M. Sc. Project etc., Title of the dissertation, Guide/Co-guides, University/Institute affiliation, year of the Ph. D. dissertation etc.


Norms for Students: apart from regular students

1. Requiring to come and work for more than 2 days (Those who come only for 1 or 2 days can enter as IITM Visitor).

2. Need to write an email to academic cell (with cc to guide/respective scientists) for the permission.


Norms for IITM Employees

11. Registration for Ph.D.

IITM Scientists with Engineering degree (in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer etc.) and posted and working to provide services to IITM Programmes, if willing to do Ph.D. in any branch of Earth System Sciences/Environmental Sciences/Engineering, have to go through the following procedure

1. They have to appear for an interview at the time of selection of Institute JRF for becoming eligible for Ph.D.

2. Selected candidates would be required to undergo an in-house training in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, which is pre-requisite for becoming eligible as IITM Ph.D. candidate.

Norms for Project Students

12. Project Students

  • M. Sc./M. Tech Students for Project work will be admitted twice in a calendar year (January and July in each year).

  • There will be online form which the candidates need to fill up and upload necessary documents. It is recommedned that the students have to complete the project work within the stipulated time period. Institute facilities and accommodation will not be provided beyond the date of completion of the project work period.

  • All the project students will be reviewed quarterly about their scientific work progress and logistic requirement by the Academic Cell.

  • All the files related to project students/research fellow/Ph.D. registration /Student's foreign deputation/tours etc. should be routed through Academic Cell.

Norms for Web based application and admission

13. Admission process

  • Web-based application form for Internship and for project students will be asked to be submitted by the students through the portal created on IITM website. For internship students, the link of online application form will be opened for one month, quarterly in every year (i.e. Jan., April, July & Oct.) and for M.Sc./M.Tech. Project students, the same will be opened twice for two months in a year (i.e. 1 March-30 April, 1 Oct.-30 Nov.).

  • The committee nominated Mrs. S.U. Athale, S.O. (II), for overall supervision and creation of web portal for web-based application forms. With the due approval of the Academic Cell Committee, the format of application form will be uploaded on web-portal-IITM website.

  • Maximum twenty (20) applications for Internship and thirty (30) applications for M.Sc./M.Tech. Project will be accepted on merit basis in each session.

  • Internship student/Project student will not contact any individual guide directly for carrying out projects. However a student may indicate, in the form, if he/she wishes to work on a specific topic. Such information will be used while making allotments of guide.

  • Scientists/guides of the Institute will be asked to give willingness to guide the Internship/Project students along with the broad topic. The timeline for submission of requirement of an intern or a project student by the scientist/guide will be the same as mentioned in point No. 1.

  • It is mandatory for each student, to submit the project report (soft & hard copy) to the Academic Cell with the signature of project guide by completion of the internship/ project.

  • After the last date of form submission Academic Cell Committee will evaluate and short list the students and allocation of guides, with approval of the Director. The shortlisted students name along with the guide will be uploaded on IITM Academic Cell website within a month.

  • Committee recommends those who are not IITM Ph. D. students, will be needed to complete their research work in their respective place of research and IITM facilities such as office space, computing facilities, accommodation in hostel etc. may be provided for short term duration only (2 to 3 months).

Norms for IITM Ph.D. Guides

14. IITM Ph.D. Guides

  • There should be one interactive session between recognized Ph.D. guides and the Research Fellows where the guides will be requested to give a broad overview of their fields of research. The session will be coordinated by Academic Cell of the Institute.

  • JRFs will be asked to discuss individually with all the guides of the institutes to decide their area of interest.

  • Subsequent to this, JRFs aspiring to do Ph.D. will be asked to give their choice of Ph.D. guide in the decreasing order of preference (5 choices)

  • IITM guides who are already having four or more Ph.D. candidates (including students) will have lesser priority in the allotment of fresh JRFs than those who have no candidate (top priority) followed by one candidate (second priority), two candidates (third priority) and three candidates (fourth priority) working for PhD.

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