Short Term Climate Variability and Prediction


  • To conduct basic research on Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall (ISMR) variability and teleconnections.
  • To continue ongoing efforts in identifying regional and global climate drivers for monsoon interannual variability.
  • To develop regional climate data products for various stakeholders.
  • To quantify the various aspects of climate change and climate variability over south Asian countries, with emphasis on the southwest and northeast monsoons.
  • To develop different forecast models for climatic parameters over India.
  • To study the impact of long term ocean variability on decadal monsoon variations.
  • Investigate the processes associated with climate variability using observations and models.
  • Understand the role of low-frequency feedbacks involving land-atmosphere interactions relevant to the Indian monsoon variability.
  • Identifying predictors for monsoon variability using both observations and models.
  • To understand the role of aerosol loading over the Indian region in monsoon interannual variability.

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