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1 Approved list of Selected Students for M.Phil./Ph.D. Admission 2019-20 (SPPU)
2 Registration for 6th International Conference On Climate Services
3 List of Students shortlisted for M.Sc/M.Tech project at IITM 6-9 months (December 2019)
4 Recruitment for the post of Project Scientists and Project Associate-II purely on temporary and short term contract basic
5 IITM Project positions for M.Sc/M.Tech. Short Term Studentship at IITM (6-9 months Duration)
6 International Conference on Challenges of Air Quality in Global Megacities of Air Quality in Global Megacities
7 IITM website will be undermaintenace: 30.11.2019 (1500h) to 1.12.2019 (2200h) due to Server Upgradation.
8 IITM study on how the MJO and global rainfall patterns are changing due to Indo-Pacific warming
9 PhD Admission 2019 : SPPU
10 Celebration of 58th Foundation Day of IITM
11 18th International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP2020)
12 WALK-IN INTERVIEW on 22nd November 2019 at 08.30 AM for the post of Project Assistant (01) and Project Associate-I (03) purely and temporary short term contract basis for C-DAC
13 Outreach Programme as a precursor to IISF-2019 from 31 Oct - 1 Nov 2019
14 New Product: Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi
15 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week (28th Oct 2019 - 2nd Nov 2019) at IITM
16 WALK-IN-INTERVIEW on 5th November 2019 for the post of Project Associate purely on temporary and short term contract basis (For DST-BRICS Project) - 1 post
17 Celebration of Hindi Divas and Hindi Pakhwada (13th Sep -27th Sep 2019)
18 Swachata Hi Seva (SHS) and Plastic-waste Free India campaign initiation at the Institute.
19 WALK-IN INTERVIEW on 25th October 2019 at 09.00 AM for the post of Consultant (01)
20 List of Shortlisted Candidates for MoES (Ministry Of Earth Sciences) Research Fellow Position(MRFP).
21 List of Shortlisted Candidates for Prediction skill of extreme Precipitation events & tropical cyclones (IP4) Workshop.
22 List Of Shortlisted Candidates for Interview of MoES Research Fellow Program (MRFP)
23 International Youth Contest
24 Interview of Scientist B scheduled for 9th, 10th, 11th and 13th August, 2019 postponed
25 MoES Annual Awards 2019 to IITM employees
26 List Of Candidates selected for Written Examination under MoES (Ministry Of Earth Sciences) Research Fellowship Program(MRFP) on 16th August 2019.
27 List of shortlisted candidates for interivew of Research Fellow
28 List of Shortlisted Candidates for IITM Project Positions for M.Sc project( 4 to 6 Months) and M.Tech Project (9 to 12 Months).
29 Swachhata Pakwada (1-15 July 2019) at IITM
30 International Yoga Day (21 June) Celebration at IITM Pune
31 आय आय टी एम, पुणे को “राजभाषा हिन्दी कार्यान्वयन रत्न सम्मान
32 IITM Project Positions for M.Sc project( 4 to 6 Months) and M.Tech Project (9 to 12 Months)
33 ENVIS Centre (IITM, Pune) celebrated the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY-2019 on 7th of June 2019
34 List of shortlisted candidates for various posts under MAQWS Project
35 Observance of Anti-Terrorism Day at IITM on 21 May 2019
36 List of Selected Candidates for the post of Summer Interns at IITM 2019 ( For 2 months between 10th May 2019 to 31st July 2019)
37 Call for Application: AIRTF (2019-20) and RTF-DCS (2019-20) from 01 April 2019
38 Advt. For Research Fellowship under Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) Research Fellow Program (MRFP) at Ministry of Earth Sciences Organisations.(Last date extended to 15 June 2019)
39 WALK-IN-INTERVIEW for Recruitment of IT Officer/GIS expert
41 Upcoming Int. Workshop: Prediction skill of extreme Precipitation events & tropical cyclones (IP4)
42 IITM Summer intern, M.Sc/M.Tech Project Applications are open
43 WMO Day celebration at IITM on 22 March 2019
44 Brainstorm Meeting on Application of AI/ML in Earth Science Problem at IITM
45 Recruitment of Project Scientists and Project Assistant
46 Candidates selected for the post of Junior Scientific Assistant (1 post) after written examination
47 Result of WALK-IN INTERVIEW for the post of Consultant (CAIPEEX Project)
48 One day DERCON (MoES Earth Consortium) Workshop on 12 March 2019
49 IITM won First Prize: Swachha Servekshan Abhiyan 2019
50 Candidates selected for the post of Project Scientist B/C/D ( PER/02/2019 & PER/11/2018)
51 National Science Day 2019 celebrated at IITM
52 Secretary of MoES inaugurated facility at IITM
53 Interview of Dr. Harsha Vardhan on DD National
54 International Workshop on Chemistry Climate Interaction [IWCCI]
55 Observance of Silence on 30 January 2019 at IITM
56 Participation of IITM in 4th India International Science Festival (IISF) 2018
57 IITM participated in the 106th Indian science Congress ISC 2019
58 Launch of Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi and Emission Inventory of Delhi-2018
59 National Voters Day Pledge on 25 January 2019
60 Strict compliance of the provisions contained in the Flag, Code of India, 2002 and The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971
61 IITM scientists elected as Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) member of International Projects
62 Special Weather Services for Kumbh Mela 2019
63 Recruitment for Scientist - B (9 Posts)
64 Recruitment for Research Associateships purely on temporary basis
65 Quami Ekta Week Pledge
66 57th Foundation Day Celebration at IITM
67 Candidate selected for the post of Junior Translator
68 IMS Awards to IITM scientists
69 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week - 2018
70 IITM bagged 1st prize under Swachhata Pakhwada Award - 2018
71 IITM Project positions for M.Sc/M.Tech.
72 Competition organised at IITM
73 Candidates shortlisted for written examination of Junior Translator
74 Celebration of Hindi Pakhavada at IITM-2018
75 Candidates shortlisted for Accounts Officer interview
76 Students approved: Short Term Project of MSc/MTech
77 Dr. Bipin Kumar appointed as Associate Faculty at ICTS, Bengaluru
78 Dr R. Krishnan appointed as Member, Joint Scientific Committee for WCRP
79 Launch of Multilingual and Voice enabled SAFAR-Air MobileApp
80 Launch of Mumbai Weather Live (MWL) Mobile App
81 India Radar Meteorology Conference iRAD2019 at IITM
82 MoES Annual Awards 2018 to IITM employees
83 IITM contributed to WMO WWRP 2018 Report on Global Precipitation Enhancement Activities
84 Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated New SAFAR monitoring station at Delhi
85 Program for Development of Skilled manpower in ESS (DESK) launched
86 International Workshop IWCMS-2018 at IITM
87 CAIPEEX - Scientific cloud seeding experiment 2018 launched
88 International Yoga Day celebration at IITM
89 Hindi workshop at IITM
90 IITM signed MoU with NMU Jalgaon for scientific collaboration
91 IITM provided expertise scientific assistance to Govt of Bihar
92 MoU signed between IITM and SPPU
93 Observance of Anti Terrorism Day at IITM 21 May 2018
94 Launch of SAFAR Mega Emission Inventory Campaign For DELHI-2018
95 One Day Hindi Seminar and Poem Competition
96 IITM Celebrated the World Meteorological Day
97 Hindi Workshop
98 International Womens Day at IITM
99 IITM Film on SAFAR received Certificate of Merit
100 National Science Day celebrations 2018
101 Lecture series on Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics, Observations and Models
102 MoU Between IITM Pune & MPCOST, Bhopal for establishment of Atmospheric Research Testbed facility
103 Inauguration of first Multi Petaflop Supercomputer of India at IITM
104 Upcoming Climate Modelling Lecture Series
105 Public lecture on Indian Monsoon by ICMPO, IITM, Pashan
106 Rooftop Solar System of 230 KW capacity inaugurated at IITM
107 56th Foundation Day Celebration at IITM
108 Awards to IITM employees
109 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week and National Unity Day - 2017
110 Participation of IITM in 3rd India International Science Festival (IISF)
111 Hindi and Oriya versions of IITM publication on Lightning released
112 ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa’ campaign at IITM
113 Celebration of Hindi Pakhavada at IITM-2017
114 Institute Exhibition at IITM, following MoES Foundation Day: 31 Jul. to 4 Aug. 2017
115 Climate Proofing of Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan (JSA) : Validation Workshop at IITM
116 MoES Annual Awards 2017 to IITM employees
117 WALK-IN-INTERVIEW for Recruitment of Project Scientist B
118 Dr Roxy Mathew Koll selected as Lead Author for IPCC Special Report
119 Walk In Interview for post of Proj. Asst. & Junior Engg.(IT)
120 Dr. Rajesh Janardanan, NIES, Japan visit to IITM
121 Candidates shortlisted for interview for post of JRF 28 June 2017
122 Swachhta Pakhawada Campaign at IITM: 16-20 June 2017
123 Celebration of International Yoga Day
124 SAFAR-Ahmedabad & Ahmedabad-AIR plan dedicated to the Nation by Hon. Minister, MoES
125 National training workshop on GHG measurements at IITM
126 International NASA-ARSET workshop on Remote Sensing 23-26 May 2017
127 Recruitment Advt.: Res. Asso. and Res. Fellow.
128 Recruitment Result
129 Earth Day celebration at IITM
130 US Embassy appreciated IITM for conducting Workshop
131 Training Workshop on Lightning and Extreme Weather Events at IITM
132 Ninth Southern Ocean Expedition
133 Prof. Ravi S. Nanjundiah has assumed charge as DIRECTOR, IITM on 2nd March 2017
134 National Science Day 2017 celebrations
135 INDO-US Workshop on Downscaling at IITM
136 COSMOS soil moisture sensor launched at IITM
137 Dr. Gufran Beig, Project Director, SAFAR, has been awarded as Honorary Professorship at the Amity University
138 ENVIS-IITM organizes Environmental Awareness Event on 16-Jan-2017 to mark 'National Forest Conservation Day'
139 Dr. A. K. Sahai assumed additional charge of Head, Office of Climate Research and Services, IMD Pune
140 Short Course on Dynamic Data Assimilation at IITM
141 Dr. R. Krishnan, Acting Director, IITM elected as Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences 2017
142 Inauguration of Second Winter Fog Experiment (WIFEX) in New Delhi
144 National Training Workshop: NWP on Probabilistic Forecast at IITM
145 Three days India-UK Water Center (IUKWC) Workshop at IITM
146 Shortlisted Candidates for Stakeholder Engagement Manger and Event Coordinator
147 55th Foundation Day Celebration at IITM
148 Short course on Eddy Covariance & GHG Flux Estimation at IITM Pune
149 Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week - 2016
150 Launch of website for high resolution IITM short range deterministic forecast with GFS
151 Recruitment of Project Scientists - C under National Monsoon Mission program
152 India-UK Joint Centre on Water Security officially launched
153 WMO Workshop on 3-7 October 2016 at IITM
154 Rules and Regulations are under amendment